Seetal Fatania

Marketplace Fifth & Blue brings luxury wearable tech and stylish innovations to fashion conscious consumers

Bringing you Bluetooth necklace earphones, contactless payment rings and voice enabled smart sunglasses, fashion-tech company Fifth & Blue is the go-to marketplace providing stylish innovations and luxury wearable tech direct to consumers.

The company aims to provide the consumer with a platform for Stylish Smart Tech under one roof and aims to raise awareness that wearable tech is more than just smartwatches and health trackers.

Here we look at how the brand came to fruition, the driving force behind the vision, along with their innovative designs now available on their website.

Where it all began for Fifth & Blue

Fifth & Blue is new to the marketplace having been launched in May 2019, by Seetal Fatania. Having worked throughout the last 15 years at multiple FTSE companies within the financial, retail, telecoms and fashion tech industry, Seetal decided to follow her passion of offering a new type of smart technology.  

She says: “I started this company because I believe technology that can help solve life’s pain points and be stylish at the same time, needs to be brought to our attention.

“Whether it saves us a couple of minutes a day, keeps us safe, keeps us connected or keeps us healthy, we all need products that can help simplify our daily lives.”

Finding a gap in the market for mainstream wearable tech- with over 53% of consumers who wanted fashionable technology unaware solutions existed- Seetal set up her own fashion tech company J’adore Adorn and launched Bluetooth necklace earphones.

Through entering the fashion-tech industry she connected with other designers in the field who shared her challenge of getting their innovations out to the right consumers with limited budgets. Accordingly, she decided to create an ecosystem for independent fashion tech designers by setting up Fifth & Blue so they can showcase their designs and work alongside marketing experts. 

Fifth & Blue has also provided a direct platform for consumers to access a large variety of wearable tech products. Prior to this, finding wearable tech involved visiting multiple websites and retailers.

Seetal says: “We believe you shouldn’t have to choose between Fashion and Technology, so we scour the globe to find the finest independent designers and innovators of stylish thoughtful tech with the consumer in mind.” 

Her aim is to make fashion tech part of everyone’s wardrobe so they can not only look smart, but also live smarter.   

The Designers and their innovations

Bluetooth earphone necklace
The Bluetooth Necklace style earphones were designed by Fifth & Blue's founder, Seetal Fatania

Seetal works alongside some of the most creative designers who push boundaries to design the most empowering wearables. Combining fashion and technology in every way, their designs either use tech to make the innovation smart, or embed the tech into a garment.

Seetal herself is the proud creator of the gorgeous Bluetooth Necklace style earphones that are handmade with Swarovski Elements crystals. Enabling consumers to listen to music, answer phone calls, connect to Siri and be hands-free all through the pendant. Continuing with the jewellery theme, the Contactless Payment Ring, designed by Phil Campell changes the ease at which consumers can make everyday payments.

Fifth & Blue also sells beautifully crafted Smart Exec handbags, created by Jason Lowe, which are packed with Biometric fingerprint locks, wireless charging and a location tracker. To accompany the smart bag, or to put in your pocket, the Smart Tech Wallet, designed by Marek Ciesla is complete with its own location tracker, wireless charging, a selfie mode and an alert which connects to your phone if you’ve left your wallet behind. Which means that losing your wallet is now a thing of the past.

Another innovation which particularly exudes futuristic elements, is the voice enabled Smart Glasses from designers Sanjay and Maja. Fifth & Blue offer a range of different colours and designs for these products and also offer multiple other wearable tech innovations, from the Non-Iron shirt, to contactless payment bracelets and smart travel bags.

Pictured: The Smart Sunglasses, Contactless Payment Ring and the Smart Exec Handbag

It is clear that Fifth & Blue are changing both the world of fashion and technology, offering both unique designs and easy solutions to consumers, whilst helping independent designers promote their creations within the challenging industry.

Founder, Seetal Fatania says: “We’re proud to partner with incredible innovators from across the globe who dared to dream, to push boundaries and break all the rules to create fashionable, meaningful and empowering wearables.”

As a result, Fifth & Blue is “the go to place for thoughtful, stylish tech innovations under one roof that solve a consumer pain point.”

Click here to view Fifth & Blue’s wearable technology, available for purchase now.