Anlaby launches line of Poncho’s for those ‘in-between’ seasons and winter breaks

Home to the oldest Merino Stud in South Australia, Anlaby Station was founded in 1839 and was the first to ever sell a bale of wool to London in the early 1800’s. 

The brand now produces an exclusive range of throws, scarves and baby blankets from its small flock of 500 sheep; all direct decedents of those from the first Merino migration. Each limited-edition product is steeped in Australian history, beautifully boxed, wrapped in ribbon and comes with its own certificate of authenticity.   

Anlaby products boast a unique buttery softness and are created under the watchful eye of the Anlaby owners, who continue to refine the comfort, softness and fineness of the wool, while the sheep continue to graze on the rolling hills and take shelter under the same eucalyptus trees that provided comfort for the original flock. 

Only the best of the wool goes into production and once this is exhausted, the production for the year is closed. The result is a range of unique luxury items that can be passed down through generations.   

New to the range of products is the Poncho, which is made of pure Australian Merino wool and comes in an elegant, light-weight 0.55kg Ladies’ version, which is directed down the left arm and has fringing on the end. This is perfect for travelling, snuggling on the sofa, wearing in the garden on a cooler evening or whilst out and about during the in-between seasons, where it’s too warm to wear a coat, but too cold to go without.   

There is also a 0.80kg, unisex ‘Winter’ version, which is piped in a limited-edition pure wool jersey and ideal for those looking for something slightly heavier or for wearing on cold weather holidays.  

Both Poncho’s are adorned with vintage buttons, retail for £320 and would make for an exquisitely packaged gift that would last a lifetime. 

For more information, please visit Anlaby’s official website: https://anlaby.life