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Founded and co-developed by Harvard Medical School Longevity expert Dr. David Sinclair, Delavie Sciences was born with the desire to improve peoples’ self-confidence through unique, ground-breaking skincare – whether SPF, anti-aging, or moisturising – that you can’t get anywhere else. We got in touch with Delavie Sciences President, Kyle Landry to learn more about the company and its products.

The Delavie Sciences team focus their attention on skin problem trends – and they solve them with an unmatched level of expertise. They develop the technology needed internally from their own collection of novel biology that it has been collected from around the world, such as the space station, 5,000 feet below the surface of the earth, abandoned gold mines, oceans, landfills, and compost heaps. These novel organisms can be leveraged to create skin-transforming ingredients.

The company’s latest product, Aeonia age defying serum is the first product that features the patented Bacillus Lysate that was researched aboard the International Space Station. Kyle Landry tells us, “After it was brought back down to earth, we incorporated in the serum. We’re planning to release an eye lotion, eye repair, and then a facial moisturiser. We may also develop a sunscreen, which we hope will be released by the beginning of 2024.”

Kyle enthuses, “Innovation is our work. We’re not buying ingredients that everyone else can buy. We’re making the ingredients and then making the product around those ingredients. So, we innovate every day. And the goal is to make products that no one can get anywhere else.”

Delavie Sciences has a team of hardcore scientists using every type of science you can imagine, from genomics, proteomics, transcriptomics, epigenetics, molecular biology, protein chemistry, microbiology, emulsion, and chemistry, to name a few. Kyle himself has a PhD in food science, having done a postdoc at Harvard Medical School in Genetics and Longevity. He is also a faculty member at Boston University in Health and Rehabilitation Sciences.

He explains, ““I’m in deep with the science. Much more so than you would expect for a cosmetic company. We can leverage all of that experience to innovate in the space. So, we look at things (or in areas) that cosmetic companies don’t normally look at. We look at microbiology, we look at fungi, we look at genetics. We have the tools to innovate. We go deeper than just the bacteria on your skin. We’re looking at the mechanisms. We’re looking at the molecular impact, and really how to change that.”

Indeed, the skincare industry is one with a lot of noise, so the focus, and the challenge, is standing out in that space. Kyle says, “The technology is pretty universal. That’s where we’re different. And the challenge is getting people to realise that we’re not just another white labelled product. We’re innovative, making novel products that no one else can get. So, it is a challenge, but we’ve seen a lot of momentum.”

Kyle and the team have found that skincare in the US is addressed very much at a superficial level, but Delavie Sciences’ products work at a cellular molecular level in order to really do the job. Kyle states, “It’s promoting the rejuvenation of cells and making the skin appear more youthful.”

All of the products crafted by Delavie Sciences are clinically tested and PETA animal test-free certified. They are also going through the process of becoming Leaping Bunny, non-GMO, and gluten-free certified.

Now, in addition to the Aeonia line it is launching, Delavie Sciences is working on three other patented ingredients, all as Kyle says, “with killer backstories”. One is a mixture of enzymes that will help cleanse the face, unclog the pores, remove dead cells; patented and licensed from Harvard Medical School, along with the company’s own internal patents.

Finally, the third proprietary ingredient is Delavie’s osmotic stress protection factor. This ingredient increases cell viability and protects it from the likes of osmotic stress, pollution and other environment stress factors. This is going to be used in a line of daily face and body lotions and moisturisers. Thus, customers will have the complete package, being able to cleanse, rejuvenate and revitalize skin with Delavie’s patented skincare products.

The team are also researching and developing a whole host of ingredients that will really change the game in the industry in terms of helping to remove wrinkles, increase moisture, and reduce inflammation. Again, they will be going down the novel patented proprietary root, as well as have Harvard Medical School, Boston University, and Jet Propulsion Labs credentials behind them.

Ultimately, it’s easy to see how Delavie Sciences has come to achieve such success within the LUX Global Excellence Awards 2022, between its team’s next-level expertise and devotion to innovation, and producing the most superior, science-backed, and safest products that can’t just be found anywhere. It’s not only marketing.

For business enquiries, contact Kyle Landry from Delavie Sciences via email – [email protected] or on their website –