Seychelles, Maldives, New York, London and Amsterdam are all locations that are included in the top luxury destinations in the world. A luxury holiday can provide an amazing experience, fulfilled with all of the amenities one can expect and, in some cases, it can represent a business opportunity. In this article, we explore some of the locations that are both luxury holiday destinations and favorable business locations. 

Opening a business in a luxury holiday destination 

With its beautiful skyline and beaches, Dubai is one of the top luxury destinations in the world. And it can also be a good location to start a business, such as a car rental company. Investors can explore a number of business opportunities in Dubai, including opening a company that offers services for luxury holidays. 

Europe’s famous capitals are often top luxury destinations and business hubs at the same time. Paris and London are two well-known examples, however, investors can also find luxury travel and tours as well as business opportunities in the Netherlands. Amsterdam is one of Europe’s iconic cities, one that boasts with diversity and also a good business hub. Opening a company in the Netherlands is a simple process, accessible to foreign investors from Europe and outside of Europe. 

Easy company formation in top luxury locations in the world

Lake Como is just one Italian destination that is popular among the rich and famous. The country’s rich cultural heritage and culinary delights make it one of the top luxury destinations in Europe. Entrepreneurs who are also looking for business opportunities in Italy can reach out to a team of local specialists and attorneys who can assist with the overall company incorporation process and provide legal advice as needed. 

Many of the most luxurious destinations in the world owe their appeal to either economic development, like in the case of London or New York, scenic landscapes, such as for the Seychelles or Maldives, or good geographical location, one of the many advantages for investors who open a business in Dubai

Opening a business in a top luxury location can offer interesting business opportunities and, depending on the particularities of the location itself, important advantages for running the business.