Dior Make up

Wherever you are in the world, whether at home or on a trip, we all love to treat ourselves to luxury goods.

And makeup is one of the things we love to spend out on the most.

The people over at Cosmetify researched which luxury brands are most popular worldwide. And the results will not come as a surprise.

When it comes to luxury makeup, we love big brands and fashion houses. But four names came out on top. Unsurprisingly the four most popular brands started in a single country. What country that is, and which brands these are, tell us a lot about our taste in luxury.


What are the most popular luxury makeup brands?

The four luxury makeup brands are all well-known French names. Chanel, Dior, Yves Saint Laurent and Guerlain are all brands that sell well worldwide. These luxury names carry a hefty price tag, but all specialise in different types of makeup.

While we all know these brands and we recognise their adverts. That doesn’t mean that we can all afford to buy these products on the regular. So the fact these brands all sell so well? It means they must be worthwhile.



Chanel, for many, is a name that’s synonymous with fashion. This brand has been at the forefront of style for generations. So is it a surprise that their makeup does so well too?

When it comes to both fashion and makeup, we all know this French company does it all. The name ‘Coco Chanel’ makes us all think of elegance, and the makeup they create does that too.

The mix of natural shades and bright colours offered gives even the most experimental makeup artist something to toy with. They’re a brand that isn’t afraid to change the formula of their makeup. But can do so in such a way that the customer can barely tell the difference.

Their products tend to have a soft pigment. Their soft pigments can blend well with your skin but will still apply colour well. That means they can work well for layering if you’re trying a new look or need to try a new makeup hack. The eyeshadows tend to have little fallout, and the eyeliners apply well to the waterline. Even the liquid lipsticks aren’t too tacky.

For the price, you will get a product that is worth the cost. The classic black boxes may not be large but they designed the makeup inside to last. The pigmentation often means that you don’t need to use too much of a product. With luxury products, sparse usage is something that you want.


Dior Beauty

When looking for fragrances, you may turn to Dior. But they also have a luxury makeup range that will stun you. Their skin and powder products are impressive, and if you have older or textured skin? They can smooth the look of your skin perfectly.

The French fashion house was founded by Christian Dior back in the 1940s. Back then, fashion was their focus, and it’s still something they’re known for today. But their makeup is perfect for the professional looking for luxury.

The eyeshadows tend to be a little lighter. If you want your eyeshadow to pop, you may wish to try another luxury brand. But these subtle eyeshadows can work well for a more subtle, professional look.

Dior is a brand that’s star has risen within the last year or so. The packaging of their products adds to the luxury feel. Their new summer range sold out fast, but they often release their ranges in separate parts over time.

Their products can be pricey, but if you’re looking to invest in a new foundation or blush that will last you a long time? Dior is the luxury brand that you want.


Yves Saint Laurent

If a luxury experience is what you’re after, as well as luxury makeup, then Yves Saint Laurent is the way to go. It’s not surprising to hear that this fashion brand’s makeup range is popular. They’re already a household name when it comes to clothing and fragrances. Makeup was something they were going to excel at too.

When applying YSL makeup, the creamy feel of it adds to the experience. When trying to set your face, the makeup in these ranges blends seamlessly. On top of that, their eyeshadow palettes swatch nicely. They will also work well if you want to build up the different shades. It is makeup that will last the day, and that’s worth it.

They are a brand that will sell the luxury feel to you with its packaging. This year they released the Couture Color Clutch eyeshadow palette. And the palette itself looks like an iconic YSL clutch bag. It has vegan leather padding on the lid, and it adds to the feel of luxury. Some people have mistaken these palettes for actual clutch bags in the past. That’s pretty impressive for packaging.

The price tag for them may be high, but it’s one that generally feels worth it.



Well-known for skin care as well as makeup. Guerlain is many people’s choice when it comes to luxury. The research Cosmetify did looks at the most popular makeup out of all the price ranges. Guerlain was the only one of these top luxury brands to meet the total top five. The rest of the top five were midrange brands, which suggests how popular Guerlain is.

Their makeup comes in beautiful packaging on its own. And now and then, they’ll release a new set of customisable lipsticks with separate cases. These cases are gorgeous on their own, and you can use them to protect any Guerlain lipstick of your choice in your bag.

When you think of Guerlain makeup, you probably think of their meteorites. They aren’t the only brand to sell makeup pearls, but they are some of the best. Guerlain’s stunning collections contain a variety of colour options. You can use them as anything from a luminous powder, blusher, or highlight.

Their lipstick formulas are also long-lasting and come in a variety of shades. Whether you prefer satin lipstick or matte, these shades will last for many hours. All their lipsticks are fragranced with Guerlain’s signature scent. So you can enjoy the smell as well as the feel of them.

Guerlain is a luxury brand but can also be one of the more affordable luxury brands. You tend to get a lot in the products for what you pay. Some products you can find dropped to a lot lower prices through sites like Cosmetify.


Why choose luxury makeup?

Luxury is something we all deserve. For those of us with excess income, it’s wonderful to be able to treat ourselves to something expensive. Whether we do this regularly, or just now and then? It makes us feel good.

These makeup brands were all designed by French companies. It doesn’t matter where we are in the world and what home-grown brands we love. These French names scream luxury to us. And that suggests we have a certain image of what luxury is.

Whether you’re after creamy lipsticks, eyeliner that stays on, or flawless-looking foundation? You can find that with these luxury brands. They make us feel good, and we deserve them.


Skin Care & Perfumes

Though this post mostly focuses on makeup, we had to mention some skincare brands too. During our research, we found that a few of them were repeatedly topping our lists. So we wanted to give a few of them a shout out too.

Loewe is a company known for fragrances in contemporary packing.

Originally a Spanish leatherwork company, Loewe has transformed since its beginnings. Under its current creative director, they’ve returned to the ’60s and 70’s aesthetic. This aesthetic helped them make a name for themselves across the world. You can wear these classic scents day or night, and that’s likely what makes them so popular.

La Roche Posay is a skincare giant based in France. This brand works with dermatologists to create products for all skin types. No matter your problems or your needs, La Roche Posay should have what you need. Their skincare items are usually paraben-free. In the rare case, they aren’t, the product says. All their products are dermatologically tested and are hypoallergenic too. If you want to spend money on good skincare, then Le Roche Posay should be your first stop.