Luxury kitchen with a smark air-conditioner and heating device on the wall

The definition of luxury at home has evolved over the years. Now, many relate it to turning your residence into a smart environment. Such goals are facilitated by the increasing number of smart household gadgets, giving a new meaning to some of the mundane activities.

Thus, besides modern home interior designs, your residence can be tweaked by dozens of smart devices. They will perform repetitive tasks and give your house a futuristic image. Let’s see some captivating gadgets that can spice up things back at home.

Top Luxury Home Devices or Gadgets to Own

Smart devices are the heart of a smart system. There are many smart home devices, but we will give you some unique examples to turn your home from traditional to highly modernistic.

LG Styler

Let’s begin with one of the most utility-based devices. LG styler is one of those smart devices that can help you refresh your clothes in no time. So, no need to wash your clothes intensely or use a heavy iron to remove the wrinkles anymore.

LG Styler takes care of everything for you. It has a capacity of five clothes at a time and can do the job of three devices, namely, cleaner, steamer, and iron. You can leave your clothes hanging on this device and see the progress remotely as it can be connected to the phone via an app. You can monitor the cycles with the app.

It has a compact vertical design that fits perfectly in the closet. LG Styler supports various modes such as Gentle dry, Sanitary mode, Refresh mode, and Special care.

Miele Mastercool Series

Let’s move to the kitchen! Every household has a refrigerator. The only difference is that it does not fall under smart devices. Or does it? Many firms manufacture luxury smart refrigerators, and Miele is one of them.

The Mastercool series of Miele has some brilliant features that will surely leave you impressed. The first one is the Wi-Fi Connect feature that enables the users to control and monitor the working of a refrigerator remotely using their smartphone.

Other than that, it allows you to set the temperature and humidity. On top of all, these refrigerators have high-resolution TFT touch displays that can change color for a better user experience.

Samsung 3-ton 4-way Air Conditioner

Air conditioners are exceptional items that can be spotted in a luxury house. Now, what if you could get that AC totally automatic and handy, unlike others. It may sound a bit weird, but yes, you can make it convenient to use by controlling it from your phone.

Samsung 3-ton 4-way air conditioner is one of those products that makes it easy for you to control it. The AC comes with Wi-Fi, which you can monitor and control on your phone.

You can set the temperature, set the timer, and can even make it raise or decrease the room temperature before your waking time. In short, it is a good investment if you have a big pocket.

Mi 360° Smart Security Camera

Security is the utmost need for every luxury household, and security cameras are one of the best choices. Among the various choices out there, Mi 360° is an aesthetic and functional choice.

It has some fantastic features such as:

●Wi-Fi connectivity
●Night vision
●AI Motion detection
●Intruder alert
●Talk-back feature

With a set of multiple cameras with all these features, you are safe from any type of invasion into your house. The best thing is that you can monitor the camera from anywhere.

Keeping Your Smart Home Safe

Though these devices are used to provide endless utility by connecting to the internet, they are also vulnerable. There are many security concerns about these devices.

For instance, if someone gets a hold of your Wi-Fi, they can play with any of your home equipment. Here are some ways to prevent this.

1. Use strong passwords

As smart devices are highly dependent on Wi-Fi, you need to use a strong password to protect them. Make sure you use a password that is strong and impossible to guess. For this, you must include special characters, numbers, and plenty of letters that do not make actual words. Also, make it longer than ten characters for the best protection.

2. Use a VPN

Many Wi-Fi routers support VPN. If your router has this functionality, install a VPN on it and keep every bit of data shared by the devices secure. A Virtual Private Network excellently encrypts data transferred between devices, preventing third parties from reading it. Of course, you might also get a VPN for individual devices you wish to safeguard. That might include anything from smartphones and tablets to other smart devices at your house.

3. Use the right encryption

Along with using a strong password and a VPN, you need to use powerful encryption on the Wi-Fi. Currently, WPA2/PSK is the most secure encryption that you can use.


Smart devices are the future, and we are sure you are eager to turn your home into a smart residence. Another reason to invest in luxury smart technologies is to increase the price of your property. Many other aspects make smart technologies a must-have for all of us. And the devices mentioned above are one of the subsets. Of course, you can equip your home with many other devices: there are plenty of them to choose from. Nevertheless, never forget to protect your smart home environment from hackers wishing to exploit your success.