The homes of fashion

Some people head abroad to seek the sun. Others go to discover new cuisine. And for some, the best part of a holiday is the shopping. There’s something exciting about going to shops and malls away from home, discovering the local trends, styles, patterns, and prints. What’s hip in Italy? What are Parisians wearing this year? If you’re looking to be inspired, or just to inject a little flair into your style, it might be time to head abroad.

But where to begin, luckily for you, online fashion retailer, Frank Wright, who offer a variety of Black Derby Shoes, explored the matter with their survey of the best cities for fashion-followers to visit.

5. Florence, Italy
Surround yourself with vibrant architecture as you stroll down the gorgeous shopping streets of Florence. The Italian city is home to big names such as Gucci and Salvatore Ferragamo as well as other big-name boutiques which can be found at Via Tornabuoni.

Discover just how the city became the origin of world-renowned fashion designers with a look at the local talent; Florence is home to local markets and tanneries, the latter of which is often a family craft passed down for centuries. Find yourself an accessory that’s truly unique. There’s also the unmissable Ponte Vecchio for jewellery lovers — discover pieces set with precious gemstones that you’d struggle to find anywhere else.

Seek out the best viewpoints of the city by visiting The Grand Hotel Baglioni’s rooftop bar, or the Torre Guelfa Hotel’s building-top offering. Capture perfect shots of Florence from these spots whilst you enjoy a drink and soak up the atmosphere.

Return flight: From £67*
Mid-range accommodation: £97-176

4. Venice, Italy
The classic city of elegance, Venice might already be on your list of fashion visits. Traditionally, the local craftsmen specialised in creating delicate masks that are worn for the Carnival of Venice and for their glass-blowing techniques. But, the Italian city is now becoming an attraction for fashion lovers with its prestigious showrooms and ateliers of big designers.

For a designer boutique experience like no other, go to St Mark’s Square and wander down Calle Larga XXII Marzo or Calle delle Mercerie. Discover charming side streets where you can buy custom made Venetian slippers and other garments unique to the city.

If you think Venice’s ranking is a little low on this list, be aware that Zalando was scoring the cities for their fashion schools too, of which the city has few. It certainly isn’t lacking in other fashionable areas though!

Return flight: From £19*
Mid-range accommodation: £62-159

3. Vienna, Austria
Austria’s capital is known far and wide for its beautiful buildings and fantastic palaces. And, according to Zalando, it’s the 3rd most elegant city in the world. It lost some points due to their lower number of fashion weeks, expos and designers who have resided in the city.

Tuchlauben should definitely be on your list, as it’s a thriving hub of luxury brand names in the Goldenes Quartier in the city’s heart. For local designer garments, make your way towards Neubaugasse and Kirchengasse. Vienna is also home to the famous Lindengasse fashion mile — a street of small boutiques offering stylish fashion in the form of independent brands.

Neubaugasse and Kirchengasse are your go-to locations if you’re looking for more local designer outfits.

Return flight: From £53*
Mid-range accommodation: £57-93

2. London, England
British fashion is a world of its own, and one you’ll want to experience. Lace up your desert boots, a favourite footwear among the Brits, and get ready to hit the streets in search of fashion!

London has more than enough unique and interesting bars to suit all palettes. From enjoying a panoramic view of the city at The Shard to heading to smaller cocktail bars such as the award-winning Dirty Martini in Islington — this destination has something for everyone.

A trip wouldn’t be complete without heading to Harrod’s. Seven floors and 330 departments dedicated to the only-the-best products in food, fashion, homeware and more. For outdoor browsing, head over to Bond Street for exclusive brands, designer fashion or Mayfair for luxurious goods and super exclusive restaurants.

Return flight: N/A
Mid-range accommodation: £100-200

1. Paris, France
Of course, the top-ranked city of fashion has to be Paris. Paris is lined with trendy neighbourhoods, including Montmarte — an area with a rich history and culture tucked away on a hill in the north of the city.

Paris is a place unlike any other; you really have to see it and experience it for yourself. If you’re looking for one-of-a-kind boutiques, head over to the famous Champs-Élysées which stretches from the place de la Concorde to the Arc de Triomphe. To get the full Parisian experience, head to rue Saint-Honoré which boasts the perfect balance of classic designers and Parisian concept stores.

Return flight: £54
Mid-range accommodation: £115-220

*Based on flights to and from the UK, the cheapest month and for the cheapest duration.