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National Espresso Day: How to make a 3 ingredient Espresso Martini

National Espresso Day 2020 is on the 23rd November 2020. The day was created to annually celebrate the history of the trusted Espresso, a thick, bold Italian-style coffee. In Turin, Italy during the 19th century, Angelo Miriondo invented the first coffee machine that used steam and water separately to brew the coffee. In 1901, Luigi Bezzera modified the coffee machine for individual serving. His aim was to minimise the time employees took for coffee breaks and improve their productivity. An espresso is made when high pressure water comes in contact with fresh, fine ground coffee beans. This results in a concentrated coffee brew topped with a delicate foam (the crema). The crema should be thin and foamy with a golden-brown colour; the heart of the espresso contains bitterness that balances the sweetness of the crema.

Today, the beverage has come a long way since its invention in Italy. You can enjoy espresso as it is, or blend it to get a cappuccino, latte, macchiato or a cocktail! To cheer you up as the nights draw in, it’s time for the Espresso Martini. To celebrate National Espresso Day 2020 the right way, the experts at have shared the ultimate 3 ingredient Espresso Martini. Cheers!

3 ingredient Espresso Martini 

Per drink: 

  • 32ml vanilla vodka
  • 36ml coffee liqueur 
  • 36ml freshly brewed espresso such as Golden Crema


  1. Chill your martini glasses. Place the vodka, coffee liqueur and freshly brewed espresso into a cocktail shaker or lidded jar with a handful of ice.
  2. Shake vigorously for 40-50 seconds until well blended and chilled. Strain the liquid into your glasses and enjoy!


Extra tips from the experts

How to chill your martini glass

It’s important to chill your martini glasses in the freezer or fill them with ice for at least 20 minutes before serving. This will ensure that your glasses stay colder, and your cocktails are refreshing for longer. Don’t forget to empty the ice out before you fill the glass up!

How to grind your coffee for your espresso

When it comes to how fine to grind your beans, a super fine grind is key. The pressure of the pump mechanism means maximum flavour can only be extracted from finely ground coffee beans. You’ll know if your grounds are too coarse if you find yourself with a weak and under-extracted brew. If you’d like to get your coffee grounds exactly right, Coffee Direct grind to measure. 

How to get the perfect espresso flavour for your martini

Freshly brewed coffee is essential for the flavour and the foam; make sure it’s the same quality as you would drink in the morning. Cool your coffee prior to use, otherwise it will melt the ice and dilute the flavour. Experiment with different blends and see what works for the best combination.

How to garnish an espresso martini

The traditional way to garnish an espresso martini is with 3 coffee beans, representing health, wealth and happiness. Some have a preference to place a piece of lemon peel over the surface of the martini; this can release essential oils which flavour the foam.