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Clinically-proven to reduce wrinkles, increases elasticity and activate cell renewal

Who says you can’t have it all? You can now, with the new Pomegranate & Maca Peptides firming skin care range from Weleda, which combines high performance skin care with natural ingredients for Weleda’s most scientifically advanced innovation in 100 years. This regenerative skin care provides long-lasting moisture and is clinically proven to slow down the ageing effects on the skin, actively increase cell turnover, increase radiance and protect against the negative oxidative effect of blue light exposure.

Weleda has taken nature’s own high-performing ingredients and transformed them into powerfully active botanical formulations which measurably and visibly counter the signs of ageing; reducing wrinkles, increasing skin elasticity and activating cell renewal.

Weleda’s Hydrolysed Maca Peptide and Pomegranate innovation increases ATP (Adenosine Triphosphate) by 110% resulting in increased cell turnover for firmer skin. In clinical testing, the Pomegranate & Maca Peptide Day Cream resulted in +15% more elasticity in the skin after just seven days. Weleda’s hydrolysed Maca Root Peptide has been proven to be the best naturally derived peptide, rivalling the efficacy of many synthetically produced alternatives. In clinical testing, the Pomegranate & Maca Peptides Firming Face Serum increased cell turnover by +110% in just four weeks.

Meanwhile the Pomegranate Seed Oil contains 75% punicic acid, which has bioactive properties with proven regenerative results. The inclusion of Olive Leaf Extract enriches each product, protecting the skin from blue light damage and further skin ageing.

So, you can finally have high-performing age-resilient skin care that delivers clinically – proven results, whilst using only natural ingredients and sustainable, planet-friendly sourcing with the Weleda Pomegranate & Maca Peptides skin care range.

Firms skin within 7 days: +15% elasticity

The collection includes four exciting new formulations:

Pomegranate & Maca Peptides Firming Day Cream – A fast absorbing, certified-natural Day Cream for naturally radiant skin, made with organic Pomegranate seed oil and peptides from organic Peruvian Maca root, plus extract of organic olive leaf, to reduce fine lines and wrinkles and restore a healthy glow. The cream provides immediate and long-lasting moisture, and improves elasticity, resulting in firmer skin in just 14 days.

Pomegranate & Maca Peptides Firming Night Cream – A generating, certified-natural Night Cream made with organic Pomegranate seed oil and Maca root peptides plus organic olive leaf extract, to reduce lines and wrinkles, activated cell renewal, intensively nourish, restore radiance and regenrate skin during its nightly repair phase. Resulting in firmer skin in a fortnight.

Pomegranate & Maca Peptides Firming Face Serum – A light, rehydrating, certified-natural Face Serum made with organic Pomegranate seed oil, peptides from organic Peruvian Maca root, olive lead extract and organic Aloe vera gel. It’s formulated to energise cell activity and immediately rehydrate skin, improving skin elasticity and reducing lines and wrinkle s – leaving skin visibly firmer in just 7 days, and feeling fresher and smoother. Ideal for times when skin would benefit from a little extra boost, layering under the Day or Night Cream. This could be daily if the skin is in a drier phase, or every 2-3 days if skin is less dry.

Pomegranate & Maca Peptides Firming Eye Cream – A fragrance-free, certified-natural Eye Cream with antioxidant effect, made with organic Pomegranat seed oil and Maca root peptides, together with Pomegranat peel extract and Caffeine, to reduce fine lines and wrinkles, reduce puffiness, diminish dark circles, soothe and visibly firm skin. Suitable for contact lens wearers.

Increased cell turnover after 28 days: +110%

Scientifically proven advanced botanicals

At the heart of Weleda’s innovative botanical formulations is the unique active ingredient combination of organic pomegranate seed oil and natural peptides from organic Peruvian maca root. Pomegranate is one of nature’s most powerful antioxidants, and supports the skin’s regeneration processes. Maca peptides – small protein compounds that can penetrate the skin to help smooth fine lines – help to reduce wrinkles, improve skin elasticity and intensify the skin’s natural radiance. The result is a range delivery strong efficacy results.

Sustainable Skin Care

Thie vegan formulation is NATRUE – certified authentically natural and its ethically-sourced ingredients are UEBT – certified sustainable. The Day and Night Creams and Serum are packaged in infinitely recyclable green glass made from approximately 85% recycled content, in an outer carton of FSC certified board made from at least 85% recycled fibres.