Rien Kuan

Based in Taiwan, Rien Kuan Interior Design is a bijou design studio that is passionate about creating comfortable, flowing and sustainable spaces in the home. Founder, Yu-Ting Wang, tells us more about the company and its ethos in the wake of being awarded a prestigious 2021 Leading Designer accolade.

Growing up with a building and construction family background not only gave Yu-Ting Wang experience of the industry from an early age, it also fuelled her passion for interior design. Graduating from the KvB Institue of Technology with a BA Art and majoring in Interior Design in Sydney provided the experience and skillset to ensure that Yu-Ting’s company, Rien Kuan Interior Design, would be the success it is today.

Having recently being recognised in the 2021 Leading Designers Awards, Yu-Ting tells us more about her love of design.

“Interior design is a kind of art and science that is constantly involved in our daily lives and it is a form of space, light, air, movement, figures and senses,” she begins. “At Rien Kuan, we believe that interior design should be a design that pleasures our senses as well as meeting the needs of our clients.”

Providing good form and functionality, with an in-depth understanding of a client’s requirements, followed by beautiful end design is of the utmost importance to Rien Kuan – a company that is very clearly committed to providing complete customer satisfaction.

In fact, Yu-Ting has a tried and tested process to ensure that everything goes to plan.

“We provide a platform, integrating our aesthetic from initial conception through to creation. During this time period, we thoroughly dedicate ourselves to the project and, since our establishment, we have constantly related our design back to ensure it fits with our clients’ own living style.”

Rien Kuan and its devoted team are often entrusted to spend time within their clients’ residential spaces, employing the usage of charts and surveys in order to have a full apprehension and understanding of their living habits and preferred lifestyles, while simultaneously cultivating the firm’s design to exceed client expectations and ensure the pursuit of perfection. This method has gained much positive feedback for Yu-Ting and the firm, as well as seeing the company winning many awards for its work excellence.

It is not all about great design however, and Yu-Ting is quick to sing the praises of her hardworking team, believing that her employees play a hugely important role in affecting the overall culture of the company and its brand image.

“We value staff members who can play as a team, can commit to each other fairly and reciprocally, and can put themselves in others’ shoes. Moreover, if they also have an unceasing passion for their work and a clear mind, we can also provide better design and service for our clients.”

The recent Covid-19 pandemic has undoubtedly changed the way we, as humans, live and for most people in the world, it has involved spending an excessive amount of time at home. For Yu-Ting and the team at Rien Kuan, this has been largely beneficial as it has awakened many people to the importance of a practical, yet attractive, workspace within a home as changes to living habits became necessary. Home workers have realised that their space and furnishings are closely related to their lives and work productivity and Yu-Ting tells us that she has seen a large uptick in the amount of people attempting to fit offices into their homes and converting their spare rooms into useable working spaces.

“Embarking on creating creative and functional locations for workspaces within the home might be the new essential project that everyone is doing this year,” she says.

Also, due to the increased amount of time people have spent online, the company has gained more brand recognition worldwide.

“It is our belief that we should vary ourselves from specific design styles and we should be thinking more outside-of-the-box,” says Yu-Ting. “The pandemic has presented a great opportunity to make ourselves seen by millions of people worldwide via the internet and social media. In addition, people are bored at home with more time on their hands – this means that people are willing to enrich their home and take design into their own hands. This is actually a great step for us designers as clients can get a better view of what they really want in their space and we can help them accomplish their ideas and realise their dreams.”

While business is good, Yu-Ting does foresee some issues arising as a knock-on effect of the pandemic. For example, the increasing amount of people wanting work done on their properties means that the world is currently experiencing somewhat of a deprivation of resources.

Regarding the future of the interior design industry, Yu-Ting believes that the correct evaluation of space and site operations, as well as methods of construction, will be crucial in ensuring the continuation of business, in as sustainable a way as possible.

“It is our purpose and profession to know the supplies, materials, timeline and details of the process accurately, making sure the supplies we need are eco-friendly and avoid waste, no matter what project we find ourselves engaged in.”

Embracing nature in design is a key focus for Rien Kuan moving forward. Not only does Yu-Ting firmly believe in bringing the outside into the home to improve general mood and happiness, but she also has strong ethics surrounding environmental awareness and striving for a greener planet.

“No matter what we could do to help our world, even a slightest change, we can find new ways to encourage people to enjoy their homes and embrace nature, especially since the home is the place people are beginning to spend even more of their days in. We could be the pusher to make our world a better place.”

For further information, please contact Yu-Ting Wang or visit www.rkdesign.com.tw