A close up of a weedding and engagment ring on a ring finger

Clio Saskia hails 2021 as the rise of the ‘eco-alt-bride’ as we switch out simple jewellery for nature inspired showstoppers

 As brides start walking down aisles again, and guests are raising a glass, there is no doubt that the world of weddings has been changed irrevocably by the pandemic. No longer the hundred-strong-affair with a dress made of 90% froth, the new waves of Mrs are wearing short dresses, bright colours and wild-flowers in their hair. A change for the more ethical, many are re-wearing pieces from their wardrobes or dying gowns post-nuptials to love again and again, so with this new outlook on our new-world brides, where does jewellery come into the equation?

Fine jewellery maker and ethical advocate, Clio Thomas of Clio Saskia, believes we will see a focus on the weird and wonderful natural world as the perfect pairing for the bridal ensemble in 2021 – the rise of the eco-alt-bride.

“Nature is soothing and comforting, bringing a stillness and calmness that has been sorely needed this past year. With nothing much else to do, we have reconnected with ourselves and nature, which has allowed us a renewed sense of respect for the planet and the surroundings we live in. We have seen that long-lasting relationships evolve to find ways of surviving the harshest environments (just like the past year) and grow to become stronger and better with time.”

So how does that translate into bridal trends? “Jewellery is a celebration of our place in the world. Simple, natural forms with an elegant design will be paired with natural gemstones, completely unique in their story. Central diamonds haloed by coloured stones are popular, alongside a coloured central stone (blue or yellow sapphires, rubies in particular) with diamond accents, to mimic the vivid and wild colours of the natural world.”

It’s not just the nature inspired colours, shapes and materials however, the bride and groom are now more likely to think about where the precious pieces come from, how they are produced and in what ways their newly beloved gems will affect the future of the planet.

“Traceability and providence are becoming essential – individuals want to celebrate their love for each other with a clear conscience by choosing responsibly sourced gemstones. Recycled and Fairtrade gold are becoming increasingly popular with many considering their environmental impact carefully.” 

Reimagining the natural world in gold, Clio Saskia defies the conventions of traditional jewellery design and perfects a uniquely detailed and playful aesthetic. Combining natural textures with intense colours to create vibrant miniature artworks, she has adorned brides across the globe with everything from delicately detailed studs to intricate showstopping knuckledusters. Check out our guide to see which piece is for you!

For more information, and to see the full collection and learn more about Clio’s work please visit www.cliosaskia.com or contact Becky on [email protected] 07807 225 672