Barbaresco welcomes the opening of CAMPAMAC, the Osteria

New restaurant & deli from entrepreneur Paolo Dalla Mora and Michelin star chef Maurilio Garola in the heart of the Langhe, Italy

Campamac, the first Osteria of its kind from Head Chef Maurillio Garola and business owner Paolo Dalla Mara, has opened its doors in the flourishing wine region of Barbaresco. 

Located in the heart of the hilly Langhe – famous for Barolo and Barbaresco wines, cheese and truffles – the contemporary Italian eatery redefines “haute cuisine”, harnessing the classic winemaking and farming traditions of the countryside to provide diners with seasonal, and authentic dishes.

‘Campamac’ translates to “come on!” from the local dialect, a term of encouragement used by Garola himself. The vibrant dining spot is the product of each of the co-founders’ passion for good food and wine, coupled with a hunger to challenge industry boundaries. Joining the innovative duo is executive chef Alessandro Capalbo, Garola’s right hand man who has worked under his guidance for the past 10 years.

With a focus on sourcing local produce and making dishes from scratch, such as their fresh plin di oca (goose-stuffed ravioli) and homemade breads, the menu delivers simple dishes of the highest quality.

Dalla Mora carefully selects meats from around the world, such as the delectably tender and flavoursome Pedmontese Fassona beef, before they are grilled, spit-roasted or hung and cured in the restaurant for customers to see first-hand.  The immersive experiences don’t end there, the casual Osteria extends a warming welcome to all, actively encouraging diners to look in the kitchen to watch the chefs at work.

Garola, proud owner of the 20-year-old Michelin-starred Ciau del Tornavento, chooses cheeses from the Alta Langa, renowned for their buttery creaminess. He is also responsible for Campamac’s 20,000 bottle wine cellar that is packed with robust Barolos, full-bodied Nebbiolos, fresh Piedmontese whites and crisp Champagnes; the perfect accompaniments to their lip smacking Italian classics but without the frills. 

The desire for excellence extends far beyond the menu. Special attention to the interior design is also evident with the appointment of Fabio Ferrillo, a rising star in the architectural world.

In the small shop by the entrance, everything is for sale including gorgeous wine glasses created specifically for sipping Barbaresco, eye-catching plates to scatter with freshly made antipasti, as well as thought-provoking pieces of art, making it even easier for diners to take the delights of Campamac back home with them.


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