Couple having a picnic outdoors with a glass of wine

We’re finally able to enjoy the thrills of meeting friends and family again, with social distancing restrictions slowly easing. As life slowly gets back to normal, another aspect of activity that is set to resume is dating. It’s been a difficult year to build relationships, but it seems that we can slowly begin to get to know new people. In another sense, we’ve learned to appreciate the outdoor world in a new light. After all, for a while it was the only place we could meet. But as summer approaches, perhaps we can combine the outdoors with our dating lives. Here we explore the perks of outdoor dating. Whether you go to the park or a quick stroll through the town centre, find out what you need to have a successful outdoor date.

Pick a picnic

In England and since May 17th 2021, we’ve been able to meet up to 30 people outdoors in a park or private garden. But who needs 30 people? We’d much prefer some one-on-one time.

Picnics are effortlessly romantic, and they’re the perfect way to enjoy a few drinks or sandwiches while staying extra safe. Picnics are certainly growing in popularity, no doubt thanks to the pandemic. In fact, UK Google searches for picnic-related key terms have increased by 155 per cent in the past year, according to Fulton Umbrellas. Picnics were found to be the most popular in Newcastle upon Tyne, with searches for picnic terms 34 per cent higher than the national average. Meanwhile, Londoners were less keen to have a picnic, searching for picnic terms 36 per cent less than the national average.

Whether you live in Newcastle or not, grab yourself a tartan blanket and pack a few essential picnic snacks. A small drink also never goes amiss on a first date. Where else will you get the Dutch courage?

Picnics are an essential date activity. It’s a quirky experience. But they also show that you’ve put some thought and effort into the day. Find a nice spot in the park and watch a thousand flowers bloom.

Rain or shine

Have you ever had a rain check on a date? How often has it actually been because of the rain? The reality is, with outdoor dating and the unpredictability of UK weather, your date may likely coincide with an impromptu monsoon.

Of course, we shouldn’t let a little rain get in the way of a date. You can even use it as your wing person, a romantic tool of sorts! After all, who doesn’t have a favourite movie moment of a couple kissing in the rain? Though that’s not recommended — you may catch a chill, and it’s not ideal for social distancing.

If you’re planning an outdoor date in the UK, then a pair of luxury umbrellas are an essential must-have. It’s important to look stylish on a date, and the accessories you use can complement your personality as much as your clothes. If you both have an umbrella, it may be easier to keep your two metres.

Walking in the rain is a great date idea, especially if you live in a town or city. When it rains, people will often abandon public spaces. Rain is transformative. You’ll both get to see your town or city in a new light. Get lost in the rain and become tourists in your own hometown.

Get yourself on the market

To say that social activities have been somewhat limited would be the understatement of the year. We’ve had to find enjoyment in the little things and from what is available. Suddenly, popping to the supermarket for a six pint of milk became the highlight of our week.

However, we can take our newfound appreciation of shopping outside and make it the core activity of your date. Non-essential shops reopened in England on 12th April 2021, as did traders in outdoor marketplaces. There are a variety of enjoyable, unique, and, dare we say, romantic markets across the country that would make an enjoyable date.

A stroll through the likes of Camden Stables Market in London or Edinburgh’s famous Farmer’s Market can make a great date. There’s everything you could need at outdoor markets. A variety of food options, flowers, and gifts galore. Taking your date to an outdoor market may just help you get off the market.

We’ve all had to adapt to a new social environment, but a return to normality spells the opportunity to get back to the things we love and the people we love. You may have fallen for the outdoor world and the fresh air during this time. So, continuing this spirit with outdoor dates can allow you to show off everything you’ve learnt about having fun outside in the past year.