Petosan is a family business with over 200 years’ accumulated experience in the dental field which offers quirky pet dental care products. As part of our showcase of some of our 2019 Leaders in Luxury we profile the firm and share an insight into the unique solutions it provides for besotted owners and their pampered pets.

Established in May 2002, Petosan came about as a result of veterinarians’ demand for better suited dental care products for pets. The company is owned and operated by the Barman family, who has been developing innovative dental care products and solutions for three generations.

Founder Otto Barman and his wife Solveig, both dentists, started out in the profession 1924 and dedicated their professional lives to improving people’s dental hygiene. Otto Barman introduces compulsory fluoride rinsing in primary schools in Norway. Their son Rolf Barman was also a dentist. During the course of his career, he invented a number of truly unique dental products, the double-ended, anatomically shaped dental stick, were sold to Oral B i 1984.

Today, in cooperation with veterinary specialists, the third generation of the Barman dentists has created Petosan, a world leader in Pet Dental Care. The family’s exceptional knowledge of dental hygiene has been the key to the development of the patented double-headed toothbrushes for dogs, Petosan Silentpower, the first double-headed sonic toothbrush for dogs and the Petosan Oral Cleaner, a unique microfiber toothbrush for dogs.
Supporting clients around the world, Petosan’s headquarters are located in Bergen, Norway, whilst shipping and logistic sites for its international clients are located in the Netherlands, near Amsterdam. The subsidiary Petosan USA cooperates with ACK in Florida, in order to serve the American market. Thanks to this global presence the firm is able to quickly and efficiently distribute and market its products to a wide range of pet owners. 

Seeking to continue to offer cutting-edge pet grooming products, the team at Petosan draw on their extensive contact with opinion leaders and professionals in both the human as well as the veterinary field to keep abreast with new thinking, findings and developments in the dental science space. As a result, clients can rest assured that Petosan’s products remain at the forefront of the latest developments and theories within the animal dental care market.
As part of this focus on continuously enhancing its solutions and product offering, Petosan is highly dedicated to R&D and has spent at least 25% of its yearly turnover on R&D in the past five years. 

Looking to the future, the firm is strongly increasing R&D expenditure in the current year as well as in the years to come. Petosan employs researchers with decades of R&D experience at the very forefront of both human and pet dental medicine, and the firm will continue to focus on remaining at the forefront of the latest market developments over the years to come. 

Company: Petosan

Contact: Ole Barman

Website: http://petosan.com/