Pink Boutique Halloween Collection

Pink Boutique’s guide on what to wear for Halloween if you don’t want to dress up

If the idea of dressing up head to toe in a costume for Halloween makes you shriek with fear, then rest safe in the knowledge that there are ways to cheat the dress code. Pink Boutique believes you should still be able to feel glamorous on the scariest night of the year and that your outfit ideas should feature quality pieces that you can wear time and time again.

Pink Boutique’s Boudoir Belle’s collection features great pieces to help you create killer looks that will avoid a Lindsey Lohan in Mean Girls moment at all costs. The collection features iconic hero pieces, and flattering fabrics that can be taken from day to Halloween night.

Alice Rowen Hall, owner and creative director at Pink Boutique reveals her top tips on how to wear this must-try trend and turn heads for all the right reasons:

Embrace dark colours

Embrace your inner goth by turning to a darker colour palette for Halloween, with blacks and deep reds being the foundation to any scary but stunning looks. Investing in a black dress now to use as a basis for a Halloween look is a glamorous staple that will carry you through to the Christmas party season.

Indulge in luxe fabrics

Satin, leatherette, velvet and lace are key trends that you can wear now and for the rest of the season. These fabrics create a luxury feel, whilst complimenting dark Halloween-eque colours.

Vamp up your makeup

Halloween makeup

If you’re super skilled at makeup then the ultimate black dress is the perfect backdrop for something a little bit crazy makeup wise. From skeletons, corpse bride, monster mouth to bionic women, explore the hundred’s of Halloween makeup tutorials on YouTube for your inspiration and step by step guides for beginners to pros. 

Take the plunge in something daring

This is the season to reveal your inner siren and take a chance with something out of your comfort zone. Whether it’s embracing studs, embellishment, mesh, or PVC, this trend is all about the sass and your inner queen. Go full-on vixen for Halloween and then pair items such as PVC trousers with chunky knits for the rest of the winter season. 

Finally, just add ears

To complete your Halloween look just add scary accessories. Cat ears, fishnets, or a lace face mask are low-cost items you can buy to create an instant Halloween look. They are also items that you can ditch as soon as you’re inside the party if you’re not feeling those freaky vibes!

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