Pioneering Leader In Environmental Planning & Landscape Architecture

MLA Landscape Architects interprets the art & science of the profession, with an aestheticism and functionality to establish a signature style through its award-winning projects. We profiled the firm and spoke to Nik Malik Bin Nik Zainal Abidin to discover more about the innovative designs they create.

Germinating from its humble beginning, the partnership between Nik Malik Bin Nik Zainal Abidin and Michael Lip Yoke Cheong sprouted and flourished into a pioneering leader in environmental planning & landscape architecture in Malaysia since 1983.

MLA Landscape Architects endeavours to be involved in creating design identity which is linked irrevocably to the surrounding environment. Beginning the interview, Nik goes into great detail about how the team at MLA Landscape Architects ensure that they provide the best possible service to their clients.

“Here at MLA Landscape Architects, professionalism is our top priority in providing the best possible services. It is important that our services will give a lasting impression to our clients, that may lead to having a list of returning clients to sustain over a long period of time.”

Forming the backbone of the innovative firm, is the dedicated team of professionals who work tirelessly to ensure that they deliver and achieve the firm’s overall mission. Nik is keen to reveal how each member of the team is well aware of MLA Landscape Architects’ aims and behaves accordingly.

“Currently, we have approximately 50 members of staff, some of which have been with us for a staggering 20 years – the longest servicing team member is 30 years! To establish this level of loyalty and dedication, first and foremost we treat our staff as part of the family.” When discussing trends within the industry, Nik highlights how the team MLA Landscape Architects use a mixture of fashion movements as well as following their own path.

“Landscape Architecture is a profession that is recognised as a field of work that focuses on the design of the external environment, construction, and related work to ensure that work is in accordance with the function and use an area. It focused on the design of environmentally involving works like a local analysis, planning and site selection for development, design, site layout, and the monitoring of the development of a project.

“Landscape trends often refer to the theme or concept relate to the Building style and trends in vogue. Over the years, we have done tropical landscape themed, Minimalist Landscape, Modern Tropical and Modern Contemporary Landscapes.

“MLA Landscape Architects is always adaptive and can successfully conform to various design/trends. However, we always believe that when we design we must consider our own environment in tropical Malaysia. The requirement for shade from sun and rain and to the abundance of unique local flora to us and the use of local materials, products and talents.”

Looking ahead to what the future holds, the team at MLA Landscape Architects hope to continue providing their exceptional services, as well as building on their success following their recent win in LUXlife’s Leading Designers 2018 Awards where they were given the Award for Excellence in: Environmental Planning & Landscape Architecture – Malaysia.

Contact: Mr Nik Malik Zainal Abidin & Mr Michael Lip
Company: MLA Landscape Architects Sdn Bhd
Address: 26, Persiaran Zaaba, Taman Tun Dr Ismail, 60000 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Telephone: 60377285299
Contact Email: [email protected]