Living the luxury lifestyle can mean a lot of things to a lot of different people, but for many it is about the glamour, the decadence and the expensive look of a superyacht or catamaran.  With Instagram-worthy photos, a beautiful beach backdrop (or maybe even a secluded bay) and staff waiting on you hand and
foot to give you the superlative experience you deserve!

But it’s not just a matter of booking a private yacht for a week – planning a party is not an easy feat, and there are so many things to think about – from the games and entertainment you might want to help build bonds with people to where the dancefloor should be held, and what temperature to have the jacuzzi set to!

Regardless of the kind of party to choose, you’re aiming to create an unforgettable event. Yachts have become an incredible commodity and are ideal for parties if you plan them right. So, if you are planning a party, our handy tips can help.

1. Create a Guest List

When you are planning a party on the yacht, the first thing you should do is prepare the guest list. It is good to have an idea about who is invited so that you know how big the boat needs to be, and also allows you to cater properly for the numbers and dietary requirements involved. Make sure that you have enough buffer room when you total the number in case you need to make some last-minute additions.

2. Look for the Right Yacht

Before you start with the planning process, you have to choose the perfect yacht for your needs. You could push all the groups in your parties together, or you could try and offer different experiences to different groups – planning helps as it can help in identifying the kind of celebration you are organizing.

Is it a big birthday bash or a corporate party? The type of yacht you need depends on the type of party you are organising. The Crewed Yacht specialists can find you the perfect boat, and search for the yachts available for different events for you, completely tailoring it to your needs.  Once you have a good idea about the type of yacht you will be renting, it is easier for you to decide about the location, food, etc.

3. Choose a Good Location

You can have the best yacht parties against the best backdrops. No matter if you are hosting a more professional gathering or a laid-back party, the location will help in setting the vibe for the party.

So, for the yacht party locations, you should consider the attractions and destinations that lie close by. In case you are planning on having an after-party, you need to ensure you are choosing a location where you will be able to access restaurants the following-



Large hotels suites

It is also important that you check the potential location where the party is going to be held. A setting might appear to be beautiful in the day but might lose all its charge at night or otherwise. So, make sure you visit.

4. Delight Your Guests with Entertainment

Would your guest like to move to the dance floor? Then you should get a DJ who will keep the crowd entertained and get them to dance. In case you are planning a kid’s party, you should welcome a

Some other ideas include spirit tasting, cigar rolling, lawn games, and poker tables like corn-hole. All these are popular means to keep the guest entertained. When it comes to a yacht party, the possibilities are endless. To organise some entertainment, you need to consider the type of people you are inviting to the party.