Planning a Safe Holiday In 2021 What You Should Consider

The worst year ever in recent history for travelling is finally behind us, but just because it shows a different year on the calendar, the pandemic will not cease to be a problem immediately. However, as vaccines begin to make their way to the public, and we become more and more aware of the preventive measures at our disposal, 2021 could eventually set the travel and tourism industry back on track.

From the perspective of the travellers though, this year will be a much better one than 2020 by all accounts, given that a complete global lockdown against all forms of travelling is unlikely to happen this year. Nevertheless, safety measures will need to be on point for your upcoming holidays, so here’s a small list of what you can do to enjoy a safe trip this year.

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

If you are travelling to any place for the foreseeable future, be it within the UK or abroad, you will need to ensure that every member of your family has access to basic PPE, which is mandatory to stay safe from the virus. Although additional safety measures may or may not be required, the following are considered to be rudimentary and essential:

  • N95 or equivalent respirators that are proven to be effective barriers against the coronavirus
  • 70% rubbing alcohol-based hand sanitisers
  • Surgical gloves or any other type of non-permeable gloves

Travel Insurance

It’s true that preventive measures and minimum distancing are likely to keep you and your family safe during the holiday, but there is always a possibility that you may catch the infection, despite all your efforts. In fact, you may not even catch covid, but you could end up suffering from some other local disease which you did not even consider! A company like Staysure don’t charge extra for coronavirus cover, and you can even get three extra months of travel insurance on buying an annual policy.

Carefully Chosen Destinations

Instead of simply going to any place which you have on your wish list, the destination must be decided only after considering whether:

  • The place is open to visitors
  • The rate of infection is under control
  • The infected:death ratio is low (shows predominance of a less deadly variant of the disease)
  • The place has reported any resurgence of covid with a new strain

Get Tested Before You Travel

Travelling when you are symptomatic is a really stupid idea, but it’s important to remember that some people are asymptomatic, which means they can be infections and not know they are infected with Covid-19. For the protection of everyone around you, it is sensible to have a Covid-19 test done a few days before you travel. This ensures you are not inadvertently spreading the virus everywhere you go. Also, bear in mind that some destinations now require visitors to show a negative Covid test certificate, to prove they are free from the virus.

This is the perfect year for holidaying at some of the most exotic and isolated locations around the world. The less people there are, the lower are our chances of getting the virus for obvious reasons. In 2021, let travelling be more about trekking through forests, hiking mountains and exploring nature in its most beautiful forms, rather than hopping clubs and getting enthralled by the usual superficial tourist traps.