For those planning a trip to the United States in the near future, it can be challenging to know how to decide where to go. At over 3 million square feet in size, the U.S. is one of the largest countries in the world with varying landscapes and a mixing pot of cultures. This means that there’s something for everyone, but if you don’t plan properly you may be missing something you never knew was there.

How Many Tourists Visit the U.S. Yearly?

Visiting the United States is a highly popular choice for tourists, with an average of over 70 million international visitors in the last decade exploring various popular states; however, due to the country’s vast size, it often requires multiple trips to fully experience the diverse beauty it has to offer.

How Expensive is a Vacation to the U.S.?

In recent years, the average cost of vacations has significantly increased, especially for international travel, making planning a visit to the United States considerably more expensive, with single-person international vacations averaging over $2,000 for a week and family vacations potentially exceeding $10,000.

Budgeting for Vacation 101: How to Save Up Money

Regardless of if you are traveling to the United States or some other destination, saving up money for your trip is a crucial necessity. Here are four major tips to save up:

Create a dedicated travel savings account

Avid travellers should establish a dedicated savings account and consistently deposit funds into it each month to gradually grow a travel fund that can eventually cover the expenses of a complete vacation.

Use credit card reward points wherever possible

To save money on vacations, consider using credit card rewards points instead of personal funds by taking advantage of partnerships between credit card companies and airlines, and hotels.

Book activities ahead of time

To save money for travel, book activities well in advance through third-party sites that frequently offer discounts.

Travel during the off-season

Opting to travel during the off-season in the U.S., when tourist numbers are low, can lead to significant cost savings, such as enjoying reduced prices in popular ski cities during the summer months.

5 Destinations to Visit in the United States

With a budget built out for your travels, it’s time to actually decide where you wish to travel to for your vacation. Here are five must-visit locations:

New York City, New York

The Big Apple is one of the most famous cities in the world for a reason, with notorious landmarks such as the Statue of Liberty, Ellis Island, the Brooklyn Bridge, and Central Park. However, lesser known activities such as taking a culinary tour of the city or visiting the 9/11 memorial also make visiting this city more than worth it.

Disneyland, California

Known as the happiest place on Earth, Disneyland offers zany characters, amazing amusement park rides, and excellent food. On top of this, the famed city of Los Angeles is only around an hour north which means anyone can find something to do that they love in the area.

Miami Beach, Miami

For those looking for a more relaxed vacation, taking a trip out to Miami Beach can be a fantastic choice. Basking in the sun for the entirety of your vacation may quickly get old, however, but rest assured knowing there is amazing nightlife right on the beach as well.

Napa Valley, California

For wine lovers, taking a trip to Napa Valley in Northern California is an absolute must. The gorgeous vineyards and tasting rooms make for amazing locations to simply spend an afternoon or an entire vacation.

Zion National Park, Utah

All lovers of the outdoors should consider taking a trip to the famous Zion National Park in Utah. Stunning hikes such as Angel’s Landing have popularized the park globally, but there are so many more amazing sights to behold in this vast park.

The Bottom Line

A U.S. vacation is one of the best choices for international travellers looking to see new sights around the world. However, going into a U.S. trip with no real plan on what you would like to see or where you would like to go is a recipe for disaster considering the size of the country. Instead, use the above tips to build out your international travel budget so that you can visit one of the top destinations outlined on the above list.