If you want freedom, open air, and adventure, you will find it all in one place, and that is the sea. And if you want the best of these experiences, you will find them in one place, and that is Ponant.

Imagine yourself lounging on the top deck of a ship, an icy cocktail in one hand, gliding effortlessly through the open ocean with a 360° front seat view; that is a dreamy experience every sea lover aspires to experience one day. And this is exactly what Ponant cruise is all about.


Luxury over anything

Once you are onboard a Ponant luxury ship, you are guaranteed the most exceptional experience of cruising all over the world. The ship has a multitude of luxury cabins, staterooms, and suites. The sea is an exotic place to spend time in, and so is the Ponant cruise. The voyage promises exotic and serene views. Ponant has a blend of luxury, intimacy, and well-being. If put simply, Ponant is just another word for a luxury cruise.

The interiors are designed in a soft and soothing tone; beauty and elegance are what they portray. The sophisticated designs and interiors ensure to provide a deluxe experience.


The French touch

Being a French cruise ship operator, Ponant is bound to uphold and provide its guests with the best and the most authentic French culture. Be it the French way of living or the French cuisine, Ponant offers its guests the opportunity to have a once-in-a-lifetime experience inspired by French culture.


Cuisines and delicacies

When it comes to showcasing French culture, French cuisine becomes a clear-cut way of doing it. The traditional and delicious French bread, French wines, sweets, and other French delicacies, you name it, and they have it.

With an open bar with unlimited drinks throughout your voyage, what more does one need on a luxurious trip in the ocean?



The staff, on any cruise of Ponant, is extremely professional. The services are exceptional. No matter how harsh the weather is out there in the sea, the great expertise staff will create a warm and comfortable environment for the guests. 


Sustainable travel

Ponant interacts with the environment in two ways. One is by taking its passengers to the most exotic and supremely beautiful places in the lap of nature, and the second is by taking steps toward a sustainable and environmentally conscious way of traveling. Reducing the use of single-use plastic and other non-recyclable products, managing waste generation, refraining from using heavy fuels that pollute the environment, and numerous other steps make Ponant an exception among other cruises.


Other services

The comfort of the passengers and guests is of topmost priority, so it becomes a necessity to offer a host of services other than the basic ones. Ponant offers its passengers on-board laundry services. 

Booking a cruise is a tedious task, but to simplify it, Ponant offers expert assistance to all its customers, right from selecting the suitable package for them to their onboarding on the cruise. 



If you are looking for comfort and luxury on a cruise, Ponant is the right place for you.