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Premium Pet Food Supplier of the Year 2020 - UK

Luxury living is about more than just lifestyle, it can include diets as well. People very often know how to look after themselves, but looking after a pet is a whole other ball game. As humans we know that eating well can help us to live a healthier and possibly longer life, and that philosophy also rings true for the pets that we own. Eden Holistic Pet Foods offers a complete food catering for both dogs and cats, using fresh meats, fish, and natural ingredients in all products. Join us as we find out more about these deliciously luxurious range of pet foods.

Founded in 2012, Eden Holistic Pet Foods produce only the finest quality and most luxurious cat and dog food that is both nutritionally and biologically aligned to the animal’s ancestral diet; ranging between 60% and 85% meat content. All products are created without grains, cereals, gluten, white potato, fillers or flavourings and all of the high quality ingredients that are used in the products are from within the United Kingdom; where possible. The origins of Eden Holistic Pet Foods link back to a simple conversation with a local Veterinarian who was a strong advocate for something known as ‘The Ancestral Diet’. The principle being to feed your pet what they would have historically eaten whilst in the wild.

Armed with this newfound knowledge that The Ancestral Diet would not be a bad thing for pets and their owners today, Paul and Carol Conquest then set out on a mission to discover and produce a top quality holistic pet food, initially just for their own dogs and cats. Before long the health benefits became ever more visible and tangible and Paul and Carol found themselves inundated with requests from both friends and family who were desperate to see their own pets benefit from these luxurious health foods. Together they began an investigation of the current pet food market at the time, in an attempt to learn more about what was available, and how they could disrupt that. The results led Paul and Carol to produce a pet food like no other and thus they subsequently became the first company to market a dry kibble with a high meat/fish content of 80% or more.

Not only did this production and development align itself with the initial philosophy behind their work, but it also underpinned the personal values that Paul and Carol held. From that day Eden Holistic Pet Foods was born and the world of luxurious, yet healthy pet food was forever changed. The difference between what the competition offers and what Eden Holistic Pet Foods provides is astronomical. The quality that goes into each and every bag and can of food is outstanding. Most people rarely take the time to read the ingredients label and truly find out what is in the food they eat, but they should. Not just for themselves, but for their pets too. For your pet ideally every meal would contain a named meat or fish first, such as chicken, fresh duck, salmon, or similar. Remembering that cats and dogs are primarily carnivorous, there must be meat present as part of their diet in order for them to thrive and be healthy.

The luxurious products at Eden Holistic Pet Foods has every ingredient openly listed, so that pet owners can be completely assured that the food they are providing is the best available. The raw ingredients used are gently steam cooked at approximately 90 degrees Celsius. The resulting product is a highly digestible food that retains as much of the natural balance as possible and is extremely beneficial to the pets who consume it.

Eden Holistic Pet Foods has a core range that consists of super premium dry dog kibble containing fresh and natural ingredients. The dog food contains 80% meat/fish content and 20% fruits, vegetables, minerals, herbs and botanicals. Similarly, the cat kibble boasts a ratio of 85% meat/fish content, given that cats are obligated carnivores and therefore require a slightly higher meat count than that of its canine counterpart. When creating the recipes, as well as making sure that the ingredients are totally mouth-watering for the pets, Paul and Carol decided that each product should be functional and something that the pet really benefits from. The resulting products are: Original Cuisine, Fish Cuisine and Country Cuisine.

The Original Cuisine boasts the highest level of protein across all of the dog food recipes that Eden has created and is incredibly rich in essential Omega 3 and Omega 6. Utilising a great amount of fresh meats and fish, the Original Cuisine includes fresh free run chicken, fresh Scottish salmon, North Atlantic herring, traditionally reared Suffolk duck, and whole egg. Luxurious in flavour and taste, this cuisine is the perfect dish for those pets who deserve the best.

The Country Cuisine is even more luxurious. Made with quality reared and freshly prepared Suffolk duck, grass-reared lamb, rabbit, venison and whole egg, the Country Cuisine boasts the most unique protein forms in its various game meats. With added superfood; coconut oil, this food offers pets a multitude of health benefits, including skin repair and healthier, shinier coats.

Finally, the Fish Cuisine. Fish is renowned for its many health benefits, impacting the heart and brain as well as anti-inflammatory properties that aid joint mobility. Oily fish in particular are rich in Omega 3 fatty acids, Eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA), and Docosahexaenoic acid (DHA). Made up of fresh Scottish salmon and North Atlantic herring, this cuisine can also include seasonally available cod, haddock, hake, plaice and pollock depending on which is the “Catch of the Day”. Not only is this dish the gentlest recipe on a dog’s stomach, the natural healing properties of fish are ideal for dogs with a multitude of issues, such as inflammation of the joints due to arthritis, itchy skin when caused by intolerance to grain-based foods, or sensitive stomachs and digestive issues.

Understanding a pet’s diet can be difficult for new owners, which is also why Eden has spent an enormous amount of time and energy in putting together an outstanding Customer Service team who are nutritionally trained to answer any and all questions. There is also a dedicated closed Facebook group for new and existing customers, or anyone just wanting to gather further information. In the Facebook group, customers can share their success stories whilst feeding their pets, ask questions and post images of their beloved best friends. The whole group has come together as one massive community, sharing in the joy of these luxury products and the excellence of the health benefits they provide.

Everyone who is a part of Eden Holistic Pet Foods, be they customer or staff member is a part of the Eden family. Staff and customers alike share the passion that Paul and Carol had back in 2012, and have transformed it into the brand it is today.

That passion shows no signs of slowing either, with Eden Holistic Pet Food able to reveal exclusively to LUXlife readers that it is planning to develop its already fantastically luxurious food range by the end of 2020. Having spent years developing and refining the best pet food products on the market, Eden is now looking to release at least three brand new recipes. As exciting as they will be luxurious, these new recipes will carry on the ethos of delivering a sumptuous food that also contains a myriad of health benefits for pets everywhere.

Perhaps the luxury and the beneficial nature of what Eden Holistic Pet Foods has to offer can be seen most evidently in its perfectly simple, yet engaging, tagline: “Supporting Animal Health Through Nutrition™’’. The owners have been on a eight year journey to reach this point, and have changed so many human and pet lives for the better along the way. This luxurious pet food company has made its mark on the healthy pet food world and shows no signs of slowing down in its pursuit of pet perfection.