Revealed: The Best And Worst Fashion Trends Of The Past Decade

2010s fashion was completely transformed by social media, influencers and, in the latter years, sustainability. The decade saw trends come and go, some more questionable than others, but for British women, it seems the favourite trend is skinny jeans, as the figure-hugging denim was voted the most popular style of the past decade.

But which other styles are Brits carrying into the 20s? And which would be better left in the past?

The top 10 trends of the ‘10s, as voted for by the nation are:

1. Skinny jeans

skinny jeans

2. High waisted jeans

High Waisted jeans

3. Athleisure

4. Pastel coloured hair

5. Playsuits and jumpsuits

6. Wide leg trousers

7. Cold shoulder tops

Photo Credit: Pink Boutique

8. Fabric headbands

fabric headband

9. Co-ords/twin sets

co ord
Photo Credit: Pink Boutique

10. Ombre hair

Online fashion retailer Pink Boutique has taken that question to the nation, asking 1,000 UK women to rank their favourite trends of the decade.

Top of the list is skinny jeans, followed by flattering high-waisted jeans. Rising in popularity following the turn of the century and effectively replacing the baggy denim of the 90s, skinny jeans ruled the wardrobes of every woman during the decade. And with both top spots taken by jeans, it seems denim really is the one trend that stands the test of time.

Another popular style of the 2010s was athleisure. Popularised by the likes of Kim Kardashian and defined by formal jogging bottoms and smart trainers, this was the third most loved trend, suggesting women want to carry the sports luxe trend with them into the 20s.

The most hated fashion trends of the 2010s are:

1. Shutter shades

shutter shades

2. Leotards


3. Tiny sunglasses

4. Feathers in hair

hair feathers

5. Man buns

man bun

The least popular fashion statement of the 2010s was Kanye West-style shutter shades, with the fewest votes. Popularised by the rapper in the late 00s, the trend carried into the 10s, becoming a staple at festivals and raves, but is not remembered fondly.

Another unpopular fashion statement from the last decade is tiny sunglasses. A resurrected style from the 90s, tiny shades enjoyed a second life towards the end of the 2010s, seen on stars like Bella Hadid and Rihanna. But the trend quickly died down after criticism from everyone from Reese Witherspoon to Anne Hathaway.

Other hated trends included chunky sneakers, bum bags and big eyebrows.

Co-ords or twin-sets proved to be most popular in Liverpool (19%) compared to the likes of London and Manchester (both 9%), while residents of Leeds are the biggest fans of pastel hair (23%), 

That said, the people of Cardiff and Southampton aren’t huge fans of any of the styles of the decade, with the highest percentage of votes in both cities going to ‘none of the above’ (25% and 22%, respectively).

Chelsea Clark, Head of Creative at Pink Boutique, says: “The last decade was definitely very hit and miss for fashion trends. Looking back at pictures from 2010, most of us look unrecognisable. But it’s nice to know they weren’t all style disasters, as there are still plenty of styles we’ll be carrying into this decade.”

For the full top 30 list of the UK’s most loved and hated 2010s trends, from contouring to  man buns, click here: https://www.pinkboutique.co.uk/blogs/fashion/worst-fashion-trends-of-the-2010s