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If there was ever a time when we all deserved a relax and a de-stress, it’s now. The COVID-19 pandemic has shown us just how important both our physical and mental well-being are. However, during the lockdowns, it has been difficult to truly chill and take your mind off everything. It’s no surprise, therefore, that the reopening of spas has been highly anticipated. People across the UK can’t wait to throw on their designer bikini and indulge in some pure relaxation. In June 2020, statistics revealed that 48 per cent of people in the UK said they would be happy to visit a spa after all the lockdown restrictions were lifted. 36 per cent said they’d wait a couple of months, while only 2 per cent said that they didn’t want to visit a spa.

There are many reasons why people are eager to get back to the spa, from stress relief to the physical benefits spas can have. In one survey, the most highly anticipated spa facility was revealed to be a simple one: “relaxing in a spa environment”. Nothing else comes close to the relaxation you feel when on a luxurious spa break after all! What’s more, it serves as a great opportunity for some Instagramming!

We haven’t had many chances to wear our favourite swimsuits and chill in beautiful settings over the last two years – especially with holidays largely off the table. So, with the reopening of spas, we can now pinpoint the ten most Insta-worthy retreats.


Tenth place

Hoar Cross Hall: 10.2k posts

Hoar Cross Hall, situated in Burton-on-Trent, is a ready-made Instagram dream. The spa is located within a historic hotel on an Elizabethan estate amid 50 acres of gorgeous gardens. This upscale hotel is the perfect place to relax, unwind, and snap a few pics.


Ninth place

The Shangri-La: 10:4k posts

This stunning hotel is located within one of London’s most iconic buildings – the Shard. For unparalleled views of the city, and a spa within a truly luxurious hotel that occupies eighteen floors, the Shangri-La is a wonderful option. Who could resist sharing this epic view to Instagram? This location is a popular social media post waiting to happen.


Eighth place

Mandara Spa: 10.4k posts 

Mandara Spa offers locations throughout Asia, Africa, and America, but the two in London (in Park Plaza and Westminster Bridge) are the first to open in Europe. The first Mandara spa was founded in Bali, and if you’re looking for a holiday vibe right in the centre of London, then Mandara is as close as you’ll get. Enjoy the luxurious healing experience that this spa has to offer.


Seventh place

Chewton Glen: 14.2k posts

If a country break is more your style, then check out the seventh most Instagrammed UK spa break, Chewton Glen. Located in New Milton just a one-mile walk from the sea, this country house hotel and spa is the perfect place to relax and get away from it all.


Sixth place

The Serenity Spa: 14.3k posts

Seaham Hall’s Serenity Spa comes in at sixth place and is another wonderful place for pure relaxation and snapping some gorgeous Instagram pics. Like Mandara, Serenity Spa draws upon Eastern healing rituals, offering a wellness retreat that will leave you feeling energised and refreshed.


Fifth place

Pennyhill Park: 14.9k posts

In fifth place, we have the fabulous Pennyhill Park spa. The surroundings of this upscale retreat are Insta-worthy at first glance. Located in a historic country house with ivy crawling up the exterior, Pennyhill Park spa is simply asking to be added to your grid. The surrounding Surrey parkland also offers a wonderful place to wander and feel at one with nature.


Fourth place

Rudding Park: 15.2k posts

Rudding Park spa narrowly misses out on one of the top three spaces, but it’s clear that this serene location is an Instagrammer’s dream. The spa is located in a high-end hotel, which occupies a stunning Georgian manor within 300 acres of beautiful parkland just outside Harrogate.


Third place

Stoke Park: 22.7k posts

Stoke Park spa takes third place, and with its historic grandeur, it’s clear why people are so keen to Instagram this stunning location. This hotel and spa offers a relaxing escape from the metropolis of London, situated in Buckinghamshire just 23 miles from the city centre and only five miles from Windsor Castle. You’re sure to feel like royalty after a treatment there!


Second place

The Ned: 54k posts

This London hotspot takes second place, and its unusual city location makes snapping a picture pretty hard to resist! Located a stone’s throw from St Paul’s Cathedral, the Ned hotel and spa is situated in a former bank HQ that dates back to 1924. The spa itself can be found in the old vaults under the building, making for a truly unique experience!


First place

Soho Farm: 54.2k posts

Finally, we can announce that the most Instragramable UK spa break is Soho Farm! The countryside hotel and spa is located in the gorgeous Oxfordshire countryside and has a rustic and relaxed atmosphere. Enjoy the impressive boathouse which has both indoor and outdoor swimming pools, and don’t forget to take plenty of pictures for the grid while you’re at it!


Whether you’re looking for a countryside getaway or a chic city break, there are plenty of Instagram-worthy spa retreats up and down the country. Where will your next spa staycation be?