Perkins' pastry versions of The Weeping Woman, Bull’s Head and Creme Catalan

Rosewood London Is Hosting A Picasso Art Afternoon Tea

Rosewood London have launched an art afternoon tea inspired by world renowned Spanish painter, sculptor and print-maker, Pablo Picasso. Rosewood London’s Executive Pastry Chef, Mark Perkins, has taken inspiration from Picasso’s most notable works and curated beautiful pastries that draw on the artist’s greatest influences.

Picasso’s art spanned various artistic periods, changing his style as he experimented with different theories, techniques, and ideas. Perkins has selected elements of Cubism and Surrealism to cleverly inform the collection of pastries. The art afternoon tea also takes inspiration from The Royal Academy’s newest exhibition ‘Picasso and Paper,’ debuting at the end of January. Confections on the menu at Rosewood London will include:

Oh Those Guitars (1921)

Drawing on the Cubism art period — one of the greatest revolutions in European art — this sweet treat alludes to the popular guitar motif manifested throughout Picasso’s work. Perkins has accentuated this in pastry form with imitation guitar strings and chocolate decorations adorning the cake in multiple directions. This symbolises Cubism which famously deconstructed conventional modes of thought. Aptly recreating Picasso’s artistic revolution in pastry form, Oh Those Guitars will have light and airy sponge made with meringue and infused with colourful orange blossom and honey ganache. Topped with Turron flavoured whipped chocolate cream, the Spanish nougat flavour is a nod to Picasso’s heritage.

The Dream (1932)

The Dream was inspired by Picasso’s 22 year old mistress who he painted one afternoon in 1932. Famed for its distorted depictions and bright contrasting colours, Perkin’s incarnation of the sculpture as a pastry has an assortment of flavourings and textures to reflect Picasso’s interchangeable artistic styles. The Dream will take the form of a delectable Valrhona Jivara chocolate mousse with orange genoise and mango jelly with passion fruit. The Dream draws on the Surrealist style, which supported a revolution against the constraint of the rational mind.

Head of a Woman (1961)

Paying homage to Picasso’s love of sculpture, Head of a Woman combines different materials and objects together. Viewed by many as one of the seminal works of Cubism, Head of a Woman is inspired by Picasso’s summer in the Spanish mountains. Perkins has innovatively brought the three-dimensional nature of the sculpture to life in culinary form. Combining pistachio crumb with citrus vanilla cheese and a sweet wild strawberry filling, the textural layers and sweet flavours will be a treat to any palate.

In addition, Perkins has created several other pastries to accompany the tea. These are inspired by classic Spanish pastries and nod to other significant pieces in Picasso’s portfolio. These include:

Perkins' pastry versions of The Weeping Woman, Bull’s Head and Creme Catalan

The Picasso art afternoon tea will be served at Rosewood London’s Mirror Room, starting with an inventive selection of freshly made finger sandwiches on brown, seeded, tomato, brioche and ficelle breads including pickled and cream cheese, egg mayonnaise and roasted piquillo peppers, paprika and saffron marinated chicken, bonita spring onion, tomato and iberico ham and scones. An entire tea list has been carefully curated by the Mirror Room’s designated Tea Sommelier whose expertise will see guests’ tea preferences perfectly paired with these confections.

The Art Afternoon Tea is available weekdays from 2:30 p.m. to 5:45 p.m. and Saturday & Sunday, 12:00 p.m. to 5:45 p.m.

The Picasso Art Afternoon Tea is priced at £65 per person, £75 per person including a glass of Ruinart Brut. Other options include £80 per person with a glass of Ruinart rosé or £110 per person for a glass of unique vintage Dom Pérignon 2008 with the Art Afternoon Tea.

The Picasso Art Afternoon Tea will be available from now until Monday 31st August 2020.