Halong Bay

Travel is something that appeals to everyone on the planet, and when it comes to Vietnam, it surely holds a unique charm to it. One could write a book if one had to give reasons to travel to Vietnam as it offers something for everyone. But if you’re looking for ways to travel out of Vietnam, it presupposes that you are already there, or will be there shortly. 

Usually traveling to and from Vietnam is not very complicated and there are various modes of transportation that you can make use of. The Covid situation, however, has reigned chaos. The government of Vietnam has not only restricted travel into the country from various parts of the world, but at the same time, travel out of the country has also been affected and various foreigners have been stranded.

Fortunately, to bring some respite to international travelers stuck in Vietnam, the government has announced automatic visa extensions for all stranded foreigners and relaxed the travel restrictions out of the country. 

But if you are amongst the unfortunate few stuck there, here are some safe ways to travel out of Vietnam.


1. Commercial Air Travel

Commercial flights in and out of Vietnam are easily available given that Vietnam has become a tourism hub. These commercial flights are extremely safe to travel by. However, as a consequence of the Covid pandemic travel into Vietnam via commercial flights has been affected. Although the government has opened the borders for international travel to an extent, tourism-based travel still has significant restrictions. However, you can always fly out of Vietnam by taking commercial flights. There are various international operators that are currently providing service. However, given that we are living in uncertain times, one cannot throw caution to the wind. Although flights are available, they are often subject to cancellation and rescheduling, and you must be prepared well in advance. Further, you may have to quarantine for a particular duration at your destination at your own expense and may have to produce a negative Covid test result upon entry. These are points that must be kept in mind.

To put passengers at ease, some airlines are offering limited-time offers in which they provide unlimited free rescheduling of your booked tickets which can make commercial air travel a convenient option.


2. Chartering your own Jet

Amongst the various options at your disposal for traveling out of Vietnam, this option is by far the safest and most convenient, albeit a little heavy on your wallet. The best way of staying safe is to follow social distancing, and private air travel offers you just that. In addition, unlike the uncertainty of flying by commercial airlines, hiring your own chartered flight means that you do not have to worry about unexpected rescheduling or cancellations. Further, you can travel comfortably and safely to the destination of your choice and your pets can accompany you as well. Although, you will have to abide by the travel restrictions of both Vietnam and your destination country, traveling by air is by far the most convenient approach to travel in these uncertain times.

You even have the option of selecting between different types of aircraft depending on your preference and a team of inflight staff ensures that you remain comfortable during your trip. If you wish to travel a short distance, you can even book helicopters.


3. Sailing the High Seas

Given the vast coastline of Vietnam, there are various ports that are open to international travelers and various tourists visit Vietnam through cruise ships. The biggest port out of them is Saigon Port which hosts the largest tourism cruises to Vietnam from across the world. Saigon is essentially a local name for the part of Ho Chi Minh City where the port is located. Most of the cruise itineraries that originate at this port pass through Phnom Penh which is Cambodia’s capital city. While these cruise ships operate throughout the year and offer easy transit, naturally their operation currently would be limited. However, it may be possible to take a local speed boat ferry from Chau Doc in the Mekong Delta. These daily ferry boats travel to and from Phnom Penh along the Mekong River on a daily basis. Taking one of these boats would be an easy way to travel out of Vietnam.

4. Taking the Land Route

While Vietnam may be a great destination for backpacking and a road trip, it may also be possible to get out of the country via a land route. There are two types of border crossings in Vietnam, local and international. While the local crossings, as the name suggests, are meant for the locals who have some form of border pass,  the international border crossing is the one that is of interest to you. Vietnam has a host of international border crossings that allow transit to China, Cambodia, and Laos. There are five border crossings that connect Vietnam and Cambodia and amongst these crossings, the one that is the easiest to access and use is the one that connects Vietnam and Cambodia. This crossing is called Bavet. There are daily buses that ply the route between Saigon and Phnom Penh which can help you get out of Vietnam. Traveling via public transportation may not let you maintain social distancing, however, you could always book a private vehicle. Once again, while opting for this mode of travel, it is important to familiarise yourself with the travel restriction in place and the quarantine rules that need to be followed as you move from one country to another. 

With Vietnam being a popular destination amongst tourists, traveling in and out of Vietnam is usually quite easy. But due to the unexpected circumstances that we are facing the world over, numerous restrictions have been imposed. Although various restrictions have been imposed on tourism-based travel, the international borders continue to remain open for stranded tourists trying to get back home. Private air travel is clearly the safest way of traveling, but commercial airlines present a good option as well given that numerous precautions are being taken in order to ensure the safe transit of passengers.