Drawing on more than 55 years’ experience in the market, Sage™ Sanitizing Systems are manufacturers and distributors of cleaning, sanitizing and hygiene equipment, which have been specifically designed for commercial catering foodservice and animal welfare facilities. We profile the firm to find out more about how it came to win one of our prestigious Pet Products & Services Awards for 2019.

Founded in 1964, Sage Systems are originators of the first dedicated High-Pressure Cleaning System for the foodservice and animal care markets. 

Originally based in California and then South Carolina USA, the company was acquired by Mecserflex in 2006 and following this the manufacturing facility transferred to the UK. Today, Sage Systems’ distribution, sales, service and technical support for the USA and Canada has been re-established in Florida. Sage Systems’ USA base now utilizes key individuals with over 40 years’ experience and personal history with Sage Systems to ensure that clients receive the exceptional standard of service and innovative products that they have come to expect and rely on. 

The firm’s innovative high-pressure sanitizing systems come in three styles, mobile, wall mounted and fully installed central systems, to ensure that they meet the exact needs of each client. They also come in three different pressure settings: 600, 800 and 1000 psi. Each model comes with a fully controllable chemical injection pump system to ensure effective and economical daily cleaning and sanitizing.

Among the firm’s solutions is its innovative Sagewash Sanitizer Professional a patented chlorine delivery system for use with solid calcium hypochlorite tablets which are immersed into water to create a unique disinfectant. The scientifically designed Sagewash Sanitizer accurately delivers USDA approved levels of active chlorine at the end of any water hose in a safe and easy to use manner. 

When used properly, Sagewash Sanitizer does not stain or bleach clothing, does not require the batch mixing of dangerous chemicals, is noncorrosive to equipment, is not hazardous to skin, and is extremely cost effective. The Sagewash Sanitizer system is quite portable and easily stored, and there is no need to worry about harmful residual substances left on the sanitized area.

As a result of these benefits the solutions it is ideal for a variety of applications, including use in boarding kennels and animal housing. It can be used to effectively clean and disinfect bedding, housing areas, play equipment and trays, and offers an easy and convenient approach to cleaning. 

Moving forward, Sage Systems will remain committed to providing its animal welfare clients with the cleaning and sanitizing solutions they need to remain compliant with regulations and ensure that their animals are clean and safe. This will remain the firm’s focus as it looks towards a bright future.

Company: Sage Sanitizing Systems Contact: Lee Llewellyn Website: www.dogeria.co.uk

Sagewash Link: https://www.dogeria.co.uk/shop/ sagewash-sanitizer/sagewash-sanitizer-starterpack-professional-kit.aspx