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In perfect time to support your New Year health and fitness goals, LUXlife has been speaking with Sarah Manners, actress and Pilates instructor who has launched “Pilates On Tap”. Sarah has practiced Pilates for over 10 years and was named an ‘Inspirational Woman in Tech’ by We Are Tech Women in December 2022, and we are fortunate to have had an opportunity to find out why.

Now, the online exercise market is heaving and to stand out, you need to be different. Fortunately, Pilates On Tap is unique. It’s perfect for busy, on the go people who crave a flexible and cost-effective, yet personalised and effective exercise solution. Sarah describes it as “the closest thing you’ll get to a personal Pilates instructor in your pocket”.

It travels with you, is fully mat based and has sessions to suit any level of experience or class length.

Unlike many apps which feature one long pre-recorded video, it works differently to let you decide exactly what you want to see.

You can customise almost every element of your class, from length of session, release stretches on demand, bespoke recovery times and whether you’d like to have the detailed voice over. You choose your level of difficulty and then you can select your focus area from either strength, mobility, or posture. You can then specify further based on what exactly you’re trying to strengthen – abs, glutes, legs, shoulders – you name it, it’s there.

Pilates On Tap doesn’t use pre-recorded videos. It uses short videos showcasing each exercise, threaded together to create a seamless class targeting the goals of the individual user.

It generates a unique tailor-made video for you, every time, taught by a real-life instructor. With a limitless number of possible class combinations, there’s no way you’ll ever need to do the same video twice.

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It’s this ability to be specific about what you want to achieve that sets Pilates On Tap apart.

Both the app itself, and the content have been delivered to a meticulous standard. Sarah has spent many years in media production, both in front and behind the camera, which gave her an understanding of high-quality content and an aesthetic of excellence. The tech is neat, the algorithm will progress you on a sliding scale of difficulty or take things down a notch if you say a class was too much. You can also track your improvement on your progress chart as well as save any workouts that you simply loved.

Sarah guides each video with simple, accessible terms without confusing those new to Pilates, particularly when some of the more technical concepts arise. When asked about her vision, Sarah responded, “I wanted to create an app that would provide Pilates content in an entirely bespoke way, whilst being as close as possible to a class setting. That’s what Pilates On Tap is all about, bringing a new method of teaching to people who have been practicing Pilates for years, or for those who are just starting out”.

If you hadn’t guessed, Sarah is passionate about Pilates, having learned herself just how impactful it has been on her own health and wellbeing. She’s worked hard to create a solution that can bring these same benefits to her clients. Having had the opportunity to trial it here at LUXlife, we are converts!


Find out more about Pilates On Tap:

Visit the website: https://pilatesontap.co.uk/

Or scan the QR Code to download the app!

Pilates On Tap


Monthly subscription £9.99

Annual subscription £49.99* per year

*Special offer ends Jan 31st at 23.59 GMT. Usual price £119.88