Sardegna Luxury Boat Rental & Concierge Services specialise in providing Boats and Yacht hire and tailor-made, expert travel services to clients to and throughout the island of Sardinia.The firm has made a dramatic impression in the luxury sphere for their unbeatable expertise in Sardinia’s Emerald Coast and La Maddalena archipelago, but, that barely scratches the surface for what Sardegna Luxury has to offer.

Serving, primarily, middle class and HNW clients from all over the world, Sardegna Luxury have managed to exceed the expectations of some of the most discerning of clients with a sort of seamlessness that belies the company’s age. This is due, in part at least, to the leadership of guidance of Kamila Tvarogova, concierge at Sardegna Luxury, who offers some more insight into their services.

“Whatever our clients want from Sardinia, we can offer it. Enjoy a day out on the Mediterranean Sea and experience everything around you with our boat rentals and yacht charters. Imagine spending your day relaxing at crystal clear beaches and eating at a luxury restaurant directly by the sea. We can make it happen. From personalised concierge services, exclusive car transfers, private jets, and luxury accommodation we’ve got you covered.”

Kamila continues, taking a moment to summarise how Sardegna Luxury has distinguished itself in a notoriously competitive region and industry. “Primarily, we’ve chosen to specialise in one area, as we know the area very well! Plus, we speak five world languages fluently, offer 24/7 support, and focus on providing simple, efficient, confidential, professional and discrete services. We don’t try and spread ourselves too thin – we know what we’re good. At the end of the day, client satisfaction is of utmost importance to the business.”

The conversation soon turns to recent trends in the greater luxury sphere. Here, Kamila moves on to discuss how she plans to capitalise on their expertise to further distinguish Sardegna Luxury in the region. “One of the most prevailing trends we are seeing is a growing need for highly efficient and prompt communication with potential customers in their own language. We see incredibly competent companies in our sector, but few can speak more than one foreign language well when it comes to working with new clients. We aim to be different. In much the same way, we know that the key to luxury is in the small details, so we make sure to listen closely to what customers really want. That is how we save time for both parties and be efficient.

“In terms of what developments we expect to see in the future: automation. Automation is looking to have a dramatic impact across many industries, and so, we are looking forward to implementing some automated processes in terms of renting boats. It’s all in the name of making sure that all of our services are seamless. We want to make renting and navigating easy by completing a few simple procedures”. 

For Kamila, the future of Sardegna Luxury lies in incorporating more eco-friendly offerings for their clients as they look to continuously improve their services in-line with competitors and peers. “We are always looking to be innovative, so our vision is to go eco-friendly soon. Right now, we mostly advertise online, use recycled paper for our brochures and look for sustainable accommodation and transport options wherever possible.  Other than that, we are aiming to grow and expand our networks organically, with the aim of further infiltrating the high-end marketplace.”

Company Details

Company: Sardegna Luxury Boat Rental & Concierge Services

Name: Kamila Tvarogova


Address: Loc. Abbiadori S/N, Arzachena, Sardinia, Italy

Telephone: +39 32777 63712