Share the Exotic Spirit of Rum this Father's Day with Havana Club

Treat Dad to Havana Club Añejo 7 Años: the original Cuban sipping rum

For too long, Father’s Day has been synonymous with new socks, golf accessories and whisky, so Havana Club is calling upon sons and daughters around the world to inspire their father’s this June with something new: the exotic spirit of Cuban sipping rum.

First crafted in the 1960s, Havana Club 7 was the first ever extra-aged Cuban rum that showed the world how rum, and not just the fine whiskies of the world, could be enjoyed neat. A true classic, ‘Havana Club 7’ is made from many different aged rum bases and a continuous ageing process that imparts deep layers of flavour including tobacco, sweet fruit and spices.

Key facts about Havana Club Añejo 7 Años – 40% ABV

  • Can be enjoyed neat, with water or ice to taste, or in a premium rum cocktail
  • RRP: £25 for a 70cl bottle
  • Available at www.thewhiskyexchange.com



  • 50 ml Havana Club 7
  • 2 Dashes of The Bitter Truth Aromatic Bitters
  • 1 Teaspoon sugar
  • 1 Twist of orange peel
  • 3 Ice cubes


  • In a lowball glass dissolve the sugar and bitters in the Havana Club 7
  • Fill the glass with ice and stir to dilute the ice for 30 seconds
  • Garnish with a twist and of orange peel and … Salud!