Shoe Shopping

Buying a new pair of shoes is a big decision – there are so many options to choose from. If you are in the market for one pair of footwear, you will need to consider a few different factors to ensure that you purchase what is right for you.

This article will provide you with six important factors to consider when shopping for shoes, so that you are able to find the perfect pair. 


1. Your Budget

One of the main things for you to consider is your budget. It may not come as a surprise that there are a variety of shoes and some of them can be fairly expensive. Studies suggest that shoes are one of the main items fashionistas spend their money on, with people spending hundreds on one single pair. Although breaking the bank is not a must, you will have to consider that when it comes to footwear quality may cost more. You want something of good quality and a good pair of shoes should last you a few years as long as you look after them properly. Set your budget before you head to the shops as this will prevent you from overspending. 


2. Measure Your Feet Professionally

This is something that not many people do – most of us try on shoes and buy the pair that fits. However, there is much more to how a show fits than the regular size. Feet vary in sizes, shapes, and width, and this is not always taken into consideration by manufacturers. You may find that many footwear hurt you as you first try them on and you willingly force yourself through the pain in the hopes of “breaking the shoes in”. This is not ideal and it can cause permanent injury to the bone structure of your feet. 


3. Consider the Occasion

Evidently, there will be different footwear for different occasions. This is one of the key factors to consider when buying shoes. Do you need a new pair of footwear for a party? Do you need them for the gym? Your search for new shoes will be much easier once you know what the occasion is. Even if you do not know what to buy, it will still allow you to discuss this with a professional – for example, if you need new running shoes they may suggest that the Nike Air Zoom Alphafly NEXT% pair is appropriate, whereas if you are going to a formal event you may want something from a high-end designer. It can be overwhelming finding a good pair of shoes, so if you have the chance, discuss this with an expert. 


4. Try Both Shoes On 

You may not be aware of this but your feet are not equal. Usually, feet have different sizes, so you should not expect to try one shoe on and buy it if it fits. Many people try on the shoe at the store and buy the pair – but you can see how this is wrong. You should try on both shoes and stand up and walk around the store for a few minutes to ensure that the footwear is appropriate and fits you nicely. It can be disappointing for you to find a good pair of shoes only to find out that they do not fit you as well as they should when you first wear them out. 


5. Is There Guarantee 

Most shops will offer guarantees for products so that the customer is fully happy with their decision. Having this guarantee reassures you that the item can be returned or replaced if there are any issues. Most companies who have this in place have their customers at the heart of the business as they want to ensure that the client is fully satisfied with their purchase. If you are buying new shoes, make sure to ask the seller whether this is something they offer and what is the policy behind this.  


6. Take Your Time Choosing

Rushing your decision to buy new shoes is not ideal – there is a range of different types, different budgets, and different stores, you will need to find something that suits your needs exactly. This is particularly important if you are on a tight budget. Make sure that you take the time to look around and try on new shoes until you are fully happy with your decision. You can even look around online and decide on a few pairs you would like to try on, to help your decision further. 

If you need to buy new footwear, there are a few things that you may have to think about. This may not be as straightforward as you may wish. Make sure to consider the tips discussed on this page, which will provide you with an idea of what to consider when buying new shoes.