Everyone at some point takes a moment to look inside their wardrobes in an inspired attempt to upgrade their outfits. Some may feel horrified when they find accessories out of fashion, clothes they’ve bought for a single occasion and collected dust in the back of the closet, or a bunch of boring t-shirts, yoga pants, and hoodies. Taking care of the way we look is just as important as showering in the morning and putting deodorant on. If you’re reading this, we assume you’re interested in upgrading your outfits without putting too much effort into the endeavor. In that case, we want to share simple fashion tips that will help you look more captivating in public in our following guide.


Select Clothes that Fit your Body

Sometimes we see beautiful clothing on sale that catches our attention, but they’re a size smaller. You may justify your purchase thinking to yourself that you’ll get to use it once you lose a bit of weight, but the reality is that it’s more likely that you will soon forget about that shirt or dress in the back of your closet. A key component to always look stylish is to ensure all your garments fit your current body shape perfectly, whether you’re able to use it right after tearing off the labels or after you’ve done some minor tailoring. Regardless of your choice for the day, a well-fitted outfit will accentuate your curves and features in a better way than wearing any piece of clothing you may love but isn’t the right size for you.


Stick with a Color Palette

If you look at your closet and it is filled from top to bottom with all the rainbow colors, you might have a more difficult time combining your clothes and obtaining a stunning outfit. A good approach in building your closet to achieve a stylish look is to stick with neutral tones for essentials like tank tops and sweaters and select two or three colors that suit your skin color and add life and personality to your look. The fashion gurus at also advise combining different textures and patterns to stand out from the crowd and build your style depending on what works best with you. If you want to go with an easy route, start with a single strong color to accompany your neutral colors and test your boundaries to find your comfort zone.


Search Everywhere for Cute Clothing and Accessories

There are no rules set in stone when it comes to finding the perfect jacket or pair of shoes, and they can appear in the least expected places. For instance, shopping online has become a strong ally nowadays for finding specific clothes. You can also turn your eyes towards thrift shops, boutiques, department stores, and even fast-fashion chains if you understand each of their pros and cons. If you approach your shopping with a budget and a clear objective, you’ll soon have the perfect outfit in no time. However, there’s no need to spend ridiculous amounts of money to look good either. Some people take the opportunity to upcycle clothing to renew their closet or trade with friends with similar fashion styles to obtain new items. 


Buy New Clothing Only When Truly Necessary

At some point, you may have gone through a decluttering process in your closet and set aside all items for donation, selling, or straight to the trash. By the time you start defining your style, it may be tempting to purchase clothing on sale or seasonal items. As counterintuitive as it might sound for beginners, it’s best to think twice before settling down with any new piece of clothing you’re tempted to add to your closet. That way, you avoid cluttering your wardrobe with items that don’t combine with anything you already owned. Only those garments that stole your heart and are a perfect fit will gain entrance to your life. 


Tailoring your wardrobe according to your needs is only half of the work needed to look stunning at all times. Upgrading your outfits to look captivating in public is also about feeling good in your body, showing confidence, and not being afraid of expressing your personality. Many fashion gurus have decided to create their looks based on clothing items they’re fully comfortable with and can easily combine with other accessories. Experimenting with fashion is also about taking some risks and taking notes of what works with you, and it’s a fun journey to present who we really are while we get to show the best of ourselves to the world.