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Luxury, to some, is aspirational. However, by adding a few little changes and routines to your life, everyone can achieve a luxury lifestyle in some small way. Cleo Anderson, the Luxury Travel Curator for the Oscars gift bags- and host of an upcoming luxury travel show on LUXE.TV – is ready to share her top tips on how everyone can add a little dash of luxury to their lives.

Cleo says, “having travelled the globe and stayed in some of the most amazing luxury hotels around the world, I realise that I am incredibly lucky thanks to my career. Luxury for me, however, is less about money and more about a ‘feeling’. At a time when everybody could do with a little emotional boost, I believe that there are small things that we can all do daily to access that feeling of luxury.”


1. Fill your home with your very own scent

To create a boutique hotel feel at home, simply add fragrance. By placing diffusers and candles in the right areas you can elevate your home; choosing the same scent throughout your property will give you your signature home scent – Cleo particularly likes vanilla and fig.


2. Cook from scratch, using high quality ingredients handpicked from local markets.

Cooking from scratch with quality ingredients can help you achieve the luxury restaurant experience at a fraction of the cost. To take this to a higher level, set your table as if you were in a fancy restaurant with a nice tablecloth, some wine glasses, and good napkins.


3. Stop by at a 5-star hotel for a drink.

There is nothing like getting dressed up for a cocktail or two at a high-end hotel bar. Sit at the bar and take in your surroundings – make sure to stay in the moment and relish the experience.


4. Visit your local museums and art galleries

Many people will visit museums and art galleries when they are on holiday in a new city or town, but how many people visit their local attractions? Cleo explains, “When it comes to feeling cultured, this is a luxury experience that I try to implement into my life whenever I can. As a bonus, there is usually a lovely café or restaurant where you can stop off for either a drink or a meal. My favourite place to go is the Victoria and Albert Museum in London where the canteen is simply spectacular.”


5. Create a heavenly sleeping environment

Take some inspiration from luxury hotels and add decorative cushions in complementary colours to your bedroom. Quality bed linen is also key; not only will it last longer and look stylish, but it can also help keep you cool in hot weather. When it comes to your bedroom think ‘plush’.


6. Add fresh flowers to your home

Fresh flowers have the power to elevate a room, and they do not have to be expensive. Cleo prefers white orchids, as they last longer than cut flowers and you therefore you do not have to replace them every week. “I love that white orchid feel luxurious and a little bit exotic”.


7. Add some gorgeous lounge wear and lingerie sets to your wardrobe – and actually WEAR them

Adding luxury items to your wardrobe can enhance your mood – if you look good, you feel good. Cleo states, “even if I am at home alone I still make a point of wearing gorgeous pieces and a spritz of my favourite perfume. The key here is that they are for me and not anyone else.”


8. Create a home spa routine

Self-care is really important when it comes luxury. You don’t need to have expensive products to create a spa experience; just by spending quality time with yourself and by taking care of your skin and body, you can improve your mood. Cleo notes, “When you do visit hotels don’t forget that you are paying for the toiletries. I love to bring home the ones that perhaps I didn’t use as an extended reminder of a wonderful trip. Also, don’t underestimate the power of a beautifully presented bathroom – quality toiletries add to the effect.”


9. Enjoy a drink on a patio or balcony (or near a scenic window)

If you are not lucky enough to have a garden, a patio or an outside balcony, dress up a window with some fresh flowers and sit with a nice cold glass of Perrier or Prosecco and take five minutes for yourself while observing your surroundings. Cleo expands, “I tend to keep fresh fruit in the fridge for garnish purposes; I will add a slice of strawberry to the rim of a glass of Prosecco, or a slice of lemon to sparkling water.”


10. Practice gratitude

Cleo practices gratitude every day; she believes that it is essential to take some time at the end of her day to note everything that she is thankful for. “Although this practice is free, this has been one of the most powerful practices in my life when it comes to attracting beautiful things, wonderful experiences, and overall happiness.” Cleo reveals.  

By adding even a few of these suggestions to your daily routine anyone can achieve a slice of the Hollywood luxury lifestyle.