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Having made itself ‘2022’s Most Outstanding Vegan Beauty Brand’, the Icelandic brand SPA of ICELAND is a diligent and creative producer of exemplary personal care products. Fostering naturally emboldened wellness amongst its clientele, who are honored to be able to share its environmentally conscientious, fresh, and untamed cosmetic products with its end consumers.

SPA of ICELAND is an Icelandic spa and Life style brand. Fundamentally, this establishment has worked hard to make itself the number one Nordic spa and high-quality cosmetics product developer, selling products that have been created by the loving hands of founders Fjóla G. Fridriksdóttir and Haraldur Jóhannsson. Right from the year 1990, the duo cut their teeth working with luxury personal care brands. This gave them the incredible basis of understanding and enthusiasm that they currently ply in order to make SPA of ICELAND a crowning jewel in the Life style and cosmetics markets, with SPA of ICELAND beginning ideation in 2016 with the creating and developing products out of their workshop in the island nation, launching in 2018 with an exemplary line of products with which to wow the market.

Proclaiming itself as ‘a story of love’, this cosmetics company quickly flourished into the fruition of a dream for the founders. Ever since finding their love for the personal care industry and the products therein, they dedicated themselves to finding ways to make these products better and better, fitting more people’s skin needs and to higher levels of quality every year. Through SPA of ICELAND, they have been able to find a new means through which to do this, their 45-year marriage serving as a rock-solid basis upon which the enterprise has been growing and developing, with a wide range of high-quality vegan cosmetics within its range that are each inspired by the breath-taking natural world of Iceland. It uses Natural ingredients and its products are earth-friendly, vegan certified, and cruelty-free.

SPA of ICELAND contains pure sea salt that comes from a sustainable Icelandic sea salt producer. The salt contains a large amount of magnesium, calcium, sodium and potassium. In the production of Icelandic Salt, only geothermal energy is used. It thinks about our environment, to be sustainable for you and the earth, it needs to think of the entire production from selecting the natural ingredients, choosing the right packaging, and the whole production. All of its skincare packaging is either recycled or recyclable. It has its eyes open for new material in suitable environmentally friendly packeting. It would like customers to experience the Icelandic lifestyle and experience their own Spa at Home.

Intrinsically, it wishes to operate in such a way that draws a customer’s eye to how its care for its customers also manifests in caring for the environment. Iceland, being one of the most beautiful natural places on Earth, is also home to some of the most fragile ecological and geological formations that are being threatened by carbon-enhanced climate change. This is something that SPA of ICELAND wishes to do their part to mitigate, and so it draws inspiration from the crystal clean air and untamed hot springs in order to bring the beauty and power of the natural world to the forefront of the modern consumer’s mind, reminding them of what needs protecting.

The two founders are also incredibly strict when it comes to who they partner with in a corporate and product development sense. This is another fragment of how it shows its care for its customers, only working with the most diligent and heavily vetted professionals and specialists in the personal care industry. This has allowed SPA of ICELAND to set itself at the centre of a vast web of industry connections. In addition, it is able to hold itself to strict levels of oversight, and therefore customers can trust in that its pride in its products is earned and maintained to the highest levels of detail at every turn.

Today we catch up with co-founder Fjóla to dig a little deeper into the founding ideas behind SPA of ICELAND. Fjóla herself has had an illustrious career, taking her from distribution for Guerlain and Chanel to great Perfumery houses, and working in the background on the idea for SPA of ICELAND that herself and her husband had in progress all the while. Critically, her background allowed her to approach setting up the business with an existing roster of contacts and an in-depth level of crucial insight into how the industry works, how to reach her market segment, and how to clearly define the purpose and concept of a cosmetic business after selling an existing one they already had under their belt.

Fjóla and Haraldur are incredibly proud to say that their hard work and tenacity has paid off. Consumers can now find their products in Iceland as well as other places all over the world, with a launch in the UK soon. However, their proudest moment is hearing how many customers have made their products a mainstay in their homes and personal care routines, happy to receive feedback and reviews from their loyal customer base as they continually refine and develop their current stock and create new products.

Making full use of naturally attained and utilised ingredients, its full line of 3 bath salts, 3 fragrant candles, 3 diffusers, 2 body scrubs, shower gel, body souffle, shampoo, conditioner, hand soap, and lotion, form the perfect repertoire. A collection of everything that a well-stocked bathroom needs in order to allow the denizens to take great care of their skin. Being an educated beautician, Fjóla goes on to share her own skincare routine, encouraging the recognition of how important it is to exfoliate and moisturise regularly, drawing attention to the usefulness of body scrubs – her favourite being the White Sea Salt Body Scrub Soothing and Moisturiser.

Fjóla looks forward to introducing SPA of ICELAND to the US and the UK and moves forward with what promises to be an exciting year of additional products for you to enjoy in our own Spa at Home. Now available through

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