Spain Property

From the bustling streets of Barcelona to the lazy long days of a Marbella summer, when it comes to investing in real estate abroad, Spain is a destination that really must be considered. Spain now offers a property market that is holding up well and allows for some great opportunities to invest. The Spanish property market actively welcomes international buyers looking for a touch of the European sunshine and temperate climate popular with holidaymakers and expats from the UK.

There are a number of luxurious destinations available for those who want to invest there, from 10+ bedroom villas right in the heart of Marbella, to prestigious apartments in Barcelona, providing luxury and comfort to those looking to immerse themselves in the heart of Spanish culture. In fact, Spain has so much to offer with its warm subtropical southern areas and the cooler snowier winters that can be found in the North, it could be the perfect place for your next real estate purchase.

So, we from Enness Global will now walk you through the steps to take before making up your mind.


The benefits of purchasing Spanish property

Wherever you choose to invest in property in Spain, you can be sure that rental returns and capital appreciation offer great investment opportunities and high sales volumes. Spain offers a wealth of residential property purchasing opportunities and immensely positive development and buy-to-let property market. Brexit has undoubtedly not dented the desire for foreign travel to Spain. Hotels are likely to struggle with the increasing demands, and tourists often look to smaller developments and individual properties to take a holiday.

Further to this, as we have been restricted on travel for such a long time because of the pandemic, those looking for luxury holidays are increasingly searching for properties to let, so they can indulge themselves while enjoying the freedom to roam the world again.

The Spanish economy has a heavy reliance on tourism, and alongside package holiday popularity, villa rentals offer property investors a steady investment opportunity, more so now than ever before.

Or, perhaps it’s time for you to pack up from the UK and head for a life in the Spanish towns or countryside to try a new way of life (if you meet the criteria post-Brexit for a new life abroad that is!). With property prices favouring buyers, it’s well worth hopping over for a visit, whether it’s a luxury villa with pool in Catalonia you’re looking for, or you’d prefer to site yourself in a palatial finca in the Balearics. Whatever your reasons for seeking to purchase a property or invest in a Spanish development, you’re sure to find a luxury property that suits your needs.


Where to buy?

Balearic Islands

The perfect place to hang out for many high-net-worth individuals has become Ibiza. Its unique combination of rustic old towns and major nightclubs give a life that sees many wealthy property investors buy property as a second home or to let to friends and colleagues. Whether you’re seeking a base for a decadent summer of parties and fun, or want to make further profit from high rollers who want to let your property for the party season, you can’t go wrong.

If, however, you are looking for renowned beaches, coastlines, excellent European cuisine, and a change of pace from the bustle of daily corporate life, then the quieter islands of Formentera and Menorca offer some treasures. Of course, we can’t leave out Majorca as the largest of the Balearic Islands, offering a way of life that sees this as the choice of many foreign real estate purchasers.



Marbella offers a mix of superyachts and good food with a relaxed lifestyle that draws interest for luxury holiday home purchasers or savvy property investment from the UK and worldwide. Marbella is close to Malaga’s international airport, making it easily accessible from almost every location. Traveling to Marbella from the UK for a break is easy, and the escape it brings from busy schedules makes this and all of Spain a popular choice to buy a home abroad. Just imagine, only a few short hours and you could be relaxing in your infinity pool, enjoying a peaceful yet luxurious weekend away.



Barcelona really does offer so much when it comes to property. It has the perfect beach combined with a city vibe that sees visitors join the over 1.7 million permanent residents in their millions. With such global appeal and a warm welcome offered to those from the UK, it’s an excellent place for developmental opportunities. Permit application rates are up, and demand for new homes is predicted to double in the next few years.

Whether you choose to build a new, custom built corporate playpad with all the modern conveniences your heart desires, or want to invest in a villa to rent out to selected friends and family, there are plenty of options out there.  

If you’re considering an investment in Spanish real estate, dare to dream, but be realistic too. We’d advise prospective buyers to get expert help. That way, you can be sure of securing top FX rates and favorable mortgage terms and navigate the real estate legalities successfully, before reaping the benefits of your new luxurious Spanish property.