Welcome to the Spring issue of LUXlife Magazine.

(Well, the last two months went by remarkably quickly)

One quarter down and heading into summer, it’s strange to think that just a few weeks ago we were all joyous at the fact that 2020 – that most bizarre and challenging of years – was almost behind us. But now, while we have accustomed ourselves to the strangeness and familiarity of lockdowns and new safety measures, the more immediate future can be seen as both a transition and a time to restart. As different markets reopen while others remain closed, it will be interesting to see what happens next, how quickly businesses recover lost ground, how swiftly loyal customers return.

For some, normality might be just around the corner. For others, normality might take a very different form for some time yet to come. While we’re not out of the storm just yet, optimism and good signs can be seen across the luxury sphere – we’ve spotlighted a few here in this issue with the plan to spotlight more in the issues to come.

In the meantime, here at LUXlife we hope you stay safe and well and have a wonderful rest of the year ahead.