Making resolutions for the year is a tradition which harks back centuries, as the promise of a fresh start prompts us to make changes within ourselves. Whether you want to use less plastic, or cut down on Netflix binges, you’re bound to start full of optimism, but perhaps lack a solid strategy. It is this lack of strategy that is responsible for the failure of many resolutions, along with unobtainable goals that don’t actually correspond to reality. We should consider building positive habits instead of trying to overhaul everything we know. Strengthening habits takes some time, and you will need to have some tricks up your sleeve to succeed.  

Make a Commitment

If you tell yourself that you’re going to quit the gym after three weeks, or that the plastic you recycle doesn’t actually make a difference, then you’re never going to succeed. Put the infrastructure in place to ensure that you can easily reach your goal. For instance, buy a gym membership if your goal is to get healthier, or if you are planning 0n doing more recycling, then buy yourself a new recycling bin. By making a commitment such as a gym subscription, you are telling yourself that you are going to succeed.

new year resolutions

Start with some Mental Clarity

You’re never going to stick to your habits or reach your goals if you don’t first allow yourself some mental clarity. It might sound elementary, but decluttering and cleansing the mind might be the first step to a fresh start. By giving yourself some perspective, you are reframing your mind for the year ahead. Once you have cleared out the past clutter, look to the future, and think about what you really want. This will help you to work out the habits that you need to build on. Grab a pen and paper to jot them down. Obtaining some outside help before you start your journey is also useful. You may even find that seeking spiritual advice from sites such as The Circle could help you sharpen your focus enough for you to succeed in your goals. 

Keep a Journal

If there is one thing that you should really consider committing to in the new year, it is keeping a journal. Keep track of your habits by writing a sentence or two daily about how you’re finding your changes. If you’re creative, you could try writing a Bullet Journal, which is a clear and useful way of documenting your day and creating plans. Very quickly you’ll be able to see if you are sticking to your habits, and you’ll also be able to make changes if you realise that you’re not on track to achieve your new goals. 

By putting certain measures in place, you are more likely to realise your ambitions. Don’t be disheartened if you find that you are having to make changes or you move the goalposts of your resolution. What matters is that you are making a commitment to yourself, and that you are improving your life by building new, healthy habits.