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Crossbody bags are the ultimate versatile accessory, with searches increasing by 64% in the past year alone and half a million searches a month. They have become an absolute staple in every woman’s wardrobe with endless styling opportunities. 

To help you incorporate more trends when adding your favourite crossbody bags to a look, style expert Claire Breslin from Larizia has put together a comprehensive guide on seven stylish outfits to pair with a crossbody bag. 


A power suit  

More than ever before the suit is an absolute staple for 2023. No matter what shade or pattern you’re wearing, a crossbody bag becomes an easy and stylish accessory to add to it.  

If the suit is a neutral tone, opt for a statement crossbody bag to compliment and contrast. On the other hand, for more pattern-heavy suits, pick a simple crossbody bag that doesn’t compete with the flair of the attire.  


A floral maxi dress

Another easy way to style a crossbody bag is with a maxi dress, which looks flattering and feminine on all body types. A bright floral print is an effortless yet elegant outfit. If you decide on a maxi dress, keep the other accessories to a minimum to ensure a well-balanced aesthetic.  


A long coat and neutral boots  

While it’s cold, long coats and boots will remain the go-to look for most of us.  

A key styling tip for this look is to opt for a high-heeled pair of neutral-toned boots that will elongate the leg and make you appear taller. This will allow people to notice the overall silhouette the coat is creating, as well as the beautiful crossbody bag you pair with it. 


The equestrian look  

The equestrian trend has been around for quite some time, and it doesn’t seem like it’s going anywhere. The staple elements of this look are sculpting leggings in knee-high boots in brown and neutral tones. This makes it an easy look to pair with a classic crossbody bag from the same colour palette, like the Coach Tabby 26 bag. 


An all-black look with a statement jacket   

The all-black look is a timeless style that will always stay relevant, yet this one comes with a twist. If you want to make your new statement jacket stand out, or you simply didn’t know how to style a flashy jacket, pair it with a black crossbody bag, black leggings, black boots, and a black top and beanie. This is one of the trendiest outfits you can try as part of your crossbody bag styling.   



Loungewear sets remain a great outfit choice when prioritizing comfort. A stylish loungewear co-ord is the perfect and easiest way to wear a crossbody bag. This look is the perfect example of when a beautiful handbag and quality shoes completely elevate an outfit and make it stylish. 


A shacket   

Shackets have seen a huge increase in popularity over the last few months. Not only are they on trend for winter, but they also create a fashionable twist to the classic “top and bottoms” combo styled with a crossbody bag. To dress up your everyday shacket, choose a smarter statement crossbody bag and tailored trousers.