Subscription Box Spotlight: Go Primal With Primal Snack Box

By all regards, the subscription box market is booming, expanding to new sub-sectors, and growing to accommodate the most niche of markets. However, subscription boxes remain a true goliath in the food and beverage industry, with a bounty of offerings for those looking for something special, unique or tailored to their needs.  Enter Primal Snack Box. We spoke with Director Danny James to find out more.

The Paleo Diet has certainly carved out an ardent following of people enthused about the ‘back-to-basics’ approach to nutrition. High in protein, low in carbs, the diet kicks processed foods to the curb in favour of more natural offerings. Though Primal Snack Box certainly found its feet in this environment, it would be fair to say it has grown beyond it to accommodate those not quite fully on board with the culinary choices of our Neanderthal ancestors.

As Danny explains, Primal now operates in a sort of middle ground, specialising in providing boxes for those with specific dietary needs, though the heart of the company remains firmly in their Paleo origins. “While we were originally set up as the first paleo snack subscription service, Primal Snack Box has now expanded its range to five unique boxes that are delivered straight to your door.

“We mainly work with small suppliers or new start-ups to bring their products to our customers. For example, in our August box, we worked a new start-up called FitChews that have developed a free from chew sweet.”

“ All of our boxes provide yummy and healthy snacks tailored to your dietary requirements such as the Vegan box and The Box with Meat – a box free from grains, wheat, gluten, soya, refined sugars with meat snacks such as biltong and jerky.”

As to what drew Primal’s founders to the – rapidly growing – subscription box market? “Besides getting loads of free samples to try, for us personally the focus was on being able to help small businesses bring their unique products to a wider audience. The subscription model gives us flexibility to offer a range of new and niche products with relative ease whilst retaining loyal customers.

“Also, in a world where we are overwhelmed with information and opinions, the opportunity to provide a specially curated box tailored to our customer’s needs and lifestyle was really appealing. The convenience for our customers was a draw, and it’s a lot fun for us curating all of the boxes.”

This is really where Primal have sought to distinguish themselves. In a market positively bursting with options, potential customers certainly appreciate the company’s ethical ethos and drive to support other small companies in what is, by every consideration, a tough business landscape. Adding the careful content selection on top of this and you’ve got a delectable option indeed, and one that is grabbing the attention of some big names. Count Vogue, Red magazine, and Women’s Health among just a few of their fans.

But, at the end of the day, Primal are on a mission to help people adopt healthier choices. “We believe that following an active lifestyle whilst following a whole food-based diet can only be of benefit. So, we wanted to bring that to a wider audience as it’s a niche that currently is under-supplied and under-served.

“At the moment the Paleo market has a reputation for having products that lack taste or flavour. So, we wanted to change this perception by providing our health-conscious customers and followers with products from small and mid-size batch producers that are full of taste and goodness,” Danny adds.

To conclude, Danny summarises Primal’s appeal and takes a moment to delve more into the company’s core product line. “Primal Snack Box have five staple subscription products: The Box with Meat, The Vegan Box, The Vegetarian Box, The Dairy-Free Box and The Gluten-Free Box. We carefully curate our boxes to ensure that they are both delicious and nutritious, offering a healthy alternative to your daily snacks.

“Whilst all of our boxes are available as a one-off box, on a monthly basis we specially curate boxes that are filled with goodies tailored to a particular theme for that month. For example, this month we have curated a box filled with organic products to support Organic September. These seem to be really popular as gifts.

“To expand our range of products, offerings (and hopefully our customer base) we are releasing a new ‘Performance’ range with three unique boxes filled with goodies to aid either Focus, Endurance or Recovery. We’re really excited about this range and have managed to secure two new brand ambassadors that are supporting it. Vicky Fleetwood, England Ladies Rugby World Cup Winner and Saracens player along with Tom Brady, ex-Leicester Tigers and Sale Sharks winger. Both have been great in supporting with the development of the boxes.”

To find out more about Primal and how to sign up for a subscription snack box visit: https://primalsnackbox.co.uk/