Summer garden

After a year of working from home and generally spending more time around the house, many people across the UK have turned to some kind of redecorating. Lockdown provided the perfect opportunity to get around to those forever-unfinished DIY tasks, whether that included home repairs, repainting or larger renovations. And with summer just around the corner, it is the perfect time to turn your attention to the outdoors and decorate your garden, terrace or balcony. A garden can act like an extra room in your house, in particular during the summer when you can enjoy barbecues or brunch sitting outside. There are lots of summer garden inspiration available that can help you get started and provide ideas for how to style your garden for the summer. From tropical to chic, styling and planning for an outdoor space is just as important as for an indoor one.


Garden Maintenance

Before getting started on your garden, be sure to have the necessary gardening tools to hand. Accessories such as gloves, spades and a sweeping brush can go a long way in helping you get through all the tough, hands-on tasks. The best place to start is to simply tidy up your outdoor space, whether that means weeding, mowing, pruning, power washing, or clearing away old items like flower pots or garden furniture. If you want to decorate an outdoor space but are not blessed with green fingers or the talent for organising, planting and maintaining flowers and plants, focus more on items such as seating and garden decor. Garden furniture and accessories can be bought online, along with artificial plants which don’t require any upkeep. Other tips for adding vibrancy and making the most of your garden or balcony include the following:

  • Bright cushions and blankets will add a pop of colour while also providing comfort
  • A fire pit will take your seating area to the next level
  • A gas or electric BBQ is a summer must-have
  • A sun lounger or garden swing will provide a great place to relax on a sunny afternoon
  • Don’t forget about lighting – candles and garden lights can create a lovely, cosy atmosphere for summer evenings
  • Investing in garden storage is the best way to keep your garden tidy while safely getting outdoor equipment out of the way


Patio Decor

If you have the time and budget, adding some decking or sprucing up your patio is a great way to freshen up your garden and get it summer-ready. A patio seating area can act like an extra living room throughout the summer and is the perfect setting to enjoy a Sunday coffee while reading the newspaper, or can double up as a delightful home office on a sunny weekday afternoon. Regular sweeping and power washing your patio are among the best ways to maintain it all year round, while occasional weeding will help keep a patio surface in tip top shape.

With travel looking a little tricky for summer 2021, it is worth bringing the holiday feeling to your home and making the most of your garden. The final touch for creating a perfect outdoor area is, of course, a freshly mowed lawn. Keep yours looking super green with a regular trim and plenty of water throughout the warmer months.