Susanna Cots in an accomplished interior designer working out of her studios in Barcelona, Costa Brava and Hong Kong. In October, her firm – Susanna Cots Interior Designs – was recognised in the 2019 Leading Designers programme with the Award for Excellence in Luxury Interior Services. On the back of this welldeserved win, LUXlife Magazine sought to find out more about Susanna’s work and inspirations.

For more than fifteen years Susanna Cots has astonished through her fearless approach to interior design. Not afraid to bring design back to its simplest elements – of the balance between space and colour, form and function – Susanna’s work often speaks for itself, needing no introduction or explanation. In some ways, her work revels in its simplicity, all simple lines and monochromatic tones. Yet, there’s a brilliance behind every choice, creating spaces that have – deservedly – been recognised for their masterly composition by publications and experts around the world.

Further, Susanna is an advocate for slow design, believing that design should be a holistic process that considers and promotes the wellbeing of individuals, society and the natural environment. This careful consideration is evident in her body of work, as each statement piece, every cushion, every piece of furniture is placed with precision – like the strokes of a paintbrush creating a landscape. Each element contributes to the greater whole. This dedication to the principle of slow design has differentiated Susanna from her peers, allowing her to carve out a niche in the industry, becoming a spokesperson and speaker in multidisciplinary creative circles.

More than that, Susanna Cots Interior Design explores the idea of emotional design. To help achieve this exploration, Susanna experiments
with the use of white, using it to draw the focus to the more innate elements of the space. According to Susanna herself: “white is a concept, starting point and lifestyle. The emotions and philosophy of slow design are at the root of the essence of every project – to understand the complexity and make it simple and timeless. Comfort appears simply. Design becomes feeling. Interior architecture is personified.”

Susanna’s work has a certain clarity to it. Her designs are expressed with an order, and a visual comfort. It’s a combination that created an immense impact by playing with volumes, sophisticates and elegant lines. It’s sensitive without fading into the background. Powerful, without being overwhelming.

Together with her small team of interior designers, architects, and graphic designers, Susanna works to achieve a balance between space and emotion. Between the visible form, and the feelings that the room produces. It is by no means an entirely new concept, but it would be a rare thing indeed to find a designer that interprets the idea in a more novel form.
Today, Susanna spends most of her time in Spain, working on both residential and commercial projects alongside designing for medical and healthcare centres. Indeed, it’s not hard to see how her emotive, careful and clean design choices would appeal to the latter.

When it comes to the future, Susanna Cots Interior Design is hoping to move into new markets, consolidating their presence in areas where explorative interior design is growing and thriving. Markets such as Latin America, the Middle East and Asia.

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