The future of Body Care has arrived – Nourish your Body + Balance your emotions 

Intelligent formulas combining precious stones, vitamins, homeopathic remedies + high grade aromatherapy 

Scentiana is the new multi-sensory, inside out Body Care line that we have all been waiting for. This innovative line works to deeply hydrate, soothe and repair the skin but also addresses the senses helping to care for our minds by supporting our emotions. The ground-breaking and meticulously curated range is the brainchild of serial Russian entrepreneur Tatiana Korsakova (IG tati_vk, 849K) who had a clear vision to create advanced Body Care which does not compromise on integrity whilst delivering incredible results to the skin and simultaneously revitalising and protecting the mind.

This special line launches with three products: The Smoothing Body Scrub, The Replenishing Body Cream, and a Reviving Face + Body Mist. What’s special? They offer very grown-up formulas with the power to not only transform the quality of our skin but also uplift mood and energy levels by carefully combining the purest aromatherapy oils, precious stones, vitamins, homeopathic remedies and plant stem cells.  The result? Stand-out, market first formulas that provide dynamic results.

Tatiana chose to work closely with botanical expert and founder of ila Denise Leicester. Together they have pushed boundaries to create category redefining and soon to be cult products. Expect to find the highest quality, sustainably sourced ingredients such as Colloidal Gold, Bougainvillea Plant Stem Cells, Phytosan K, Sepa, Peal, Jade, Wheat Derived Hyaluronic Acid and Quillaia. 

Your skin will benefit from the highest quality plant stem cells, crushed precious stones, vitamins, and homeopathy essences which sit harmoniously together to create wonder formulas naturally lending themselves to balance, dynamic power, beauty with a very special vibrational quality that is tangible. These forward-thinking formulas support a positive transformation of mind, emotions and the skin. 


Meet the Scentiana launch range:

Scentiana Smoothing Body Scrub (£65) is a truly sensory mineral rich pink body scrub which cleanses, deeply nourishes and brings the skin back to life. The pink Himalayan Salts banish negative ions and remove dead skin, while the powdered jade calms the nervous system. The crushed pearl provides anti-inflammatory benefits and stimulates collagen. The blend of Rosehip Seed and Moringa Oils lock in moisture, regenerate skin cells and deliver antioxidants. The uplifting and calming blend of Organic Sandalwood, Jasmine, Vetiver and Pink Grapefruit give a wonderful sensory experience. 


Scentiana Replenishing Body Cream (£85) has a special velvety-soft texture that wraps around the skin. It is packed with wonder ingredients including Bougainvillea Plan Stem Cells which dynamically increase oxygenation and collagen synthesis. The Vegan Hyaluronic Acid and Aloe Vera triggers the skins to boost its natural hydration abilities while the Sea Plankton Algae Extract which supports the all-important skin barrier. The Wild Grown Argan Oil and Shea butter feeds, softens and revitalises silky skin. The breath-taking scent of organic essential oils is a blend of Damascus Rose, Indian Jasmine Grandiflorum, and deep, balsamic Sandalwood. 


Scentiana Reviving Face + Body Mist (£40) fortifies and protects the skin against environmental stressors whilst supporting emotional balance. The clever homeopathic and Gold – Infused blend encourages skin regeneration whilst plant -derived actives – Phytosan K, Wild Indigo and B12 leave the skin dewy and renewed and mood elevated. Expect he Rose Hydrolat to promote calm, whilst rare Geranium Bourbon restores harmony to the skin. This restorative pick me up in a spritz can be used throughout the day and is particularly useful in moments of stress or blue light overload. 

The collection has launched earlier this year and is available to purchase at ila-spa.com