Textile Printing

Significant growth fuelled by increasing consumer demand for customised fashion apparel—especially in the Asia Pacific market—is seeing a healthy demand for personalised clothing labels. As improvements in printing technology brings costs down, segment growth is being driven by the ability to deliver quality design on fabrics via online platforms.

Creating a branding story is important

Personalised clothing labels are becoming popular as consumer tastes shifts from mass-produced, “generic” clothing styles to bespoke, customised, quality garments and fashion accessories. Brand recognition still a consideration, however, and creating a branding story is important when considering which custom-made clothing labels are right for your creations.

Consider what the purpose of your labels, where and how they will be attached, and what other branding materials you may need. Wunderlabel classic woven labels can be easily and quickly personalised using text, symbols, and frames. And if you’d like something even more customised, you can upload your own logo or artwork and create a bespoke label with more advanced options.

Ever-popular iron-on clothing labels make attaching clothing label tags easy, or you might like to sew clothing labels on for a sophisticated and finished look. There is beauty in custom clothing labels, designed to exact, personal tastes and functions. A combination of label types might also create the desired effect.

The demand for trendy and stylish apparels and accessories in China, India, Japan, and Southeast Asia, is particularly high as rising income level and shifts towards more fashionable apparels than traditional wear continues. Designing custom clothing labels for this market has never been easier. Personalised clothing labels lend a uniqueness to your brand and helps it stand out from the rest.

Classic printed labels offer personalisation

There are hundreds—if not thousands—of ideas and possibilities for you to create your own branding story. Upload your own logo or create your own design by using online design configurators.

Classic printed labels offer personalisation and are great value, while bespoke printed labels offer the same soft and silky label but combine the ability to showcase your logo or artwork in an array of colours.

The textile printing technology offered by Gelato’s print-on-demand service is leading the way in the customized fashion apparel market. If you want to stay ahead of the game and offer your customers high-quality, customizable fashion products, go here to learn more about Gelato’s print-on-demand solutions.

Generic, mass-produced labels are falling out of favour as home-based sewists, fashion designers, entrepreneurs, and crafters bring their unique creations to market, or even simply to their own wardrobes or those of family-members and friends.

Services such as Wunderlabel allow you to choose how to make your fabric labels, hang tags, stickers, or ribbon uniquely your own, whether making your own clothing, designing high fashion, selling handmade items online, or simply creating items for your family.