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LUXlife Magazine Announces The Winners of the 2019 Fashion & Lifestyle Awards

United Kingdom, 2019- LUXlife magazine announces the winners of the 2019 Fashion & Lifestyle Awards.

In a world that can be shared in a few clicks the fashion and lifestyle markets are consistently affected by rapidly-changing consumer taste and trends. Fashion and lifestyle brands now service a generation of turbo consumers who demand a rounded and fully engaging service when it comes to parting with their time and money.

As a result, we proudly host the Fashion & Lifestyle Awards to celebrate the accomplishments made by the most talented, innovative and dedicated firms of the industry. Those lucky enough to make our winners’ selection will be presented to our readers as leading lights in this wonderfully dynamic market.

Discussing the success of these deserving winners, Awards Coordinator states: “As a unique form of self-expression, the fashion and lifestyle industry has formed a pillar of the luxury market. Consumers are always seeking new ways to showcase their individuality, whether it be through their clothes, their habitat or their experiences. It is with great pride that I showcase a selection of the best of the best from across the market and wish them a hearty congratulations for their success.”

To find out more about these prestigious awards, and the dedicated establishments that have been selected for them, please visit where you can view our winners supplement and full winners list.


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