World class tasting lower ABV beer – crafted for those who think big!

Small Beer Brew Co. is the creation of two big thinkers who were searching for a new category of drinks that would deliver world-class taste at a sociable ABV. Setting out on a mission to reignite the lost art of brewing classic beers below 2.8%, James Grundy and Felix James opened the world’s first dedicated small beer brewery in South Bermondsey in 2017.

 From there, they would reinvent the brewing process to create beers of great taste without relying on the alcohol…and in doing so provide a solution to that age-old problem: “how do I enjoy fantastic beer without writing off my afternoon or the following morning?”

From the 1600’s to 1800’s, when clean drinking water was scarce, small-beer provided a safer alternative and ensured hydration, hence being brewed to a lower ABV. Cofounder James Grundy summarises, “these beers are rooted in history, but made for today – all of the enjoyment, just without the slow down”.

Sourcing only the finest ingredients and taking the time to make it right, they lager (the maturation period for beer) their beers for a minimum of six weeks, three times longer than industry standard to deliver clean, crisp yet beautifully pronounced flavour profiles. Not only that, sustainable production has been at the heart of the company’s approach from the very beginning. 

Running the UK’s only entirely dry floor brewery has contributed to dramatic reduction in their water usage, from an industry standard of 8-10 pints to just 1.5 pints per pint of beer brewed. The brewery is powered by wind, water and solar, and they have big plans for driving forward their responsible production agenda.

Small Beer Brew Co. have introduced three core beers, all with an ABV between 0.5% – 2.8%: Lager, Dark Lager and Steam.



The Lager is classic pilsner-style defined by the use of the Saaz hop. Bright and fresh, a citrus nose and stone fruit palate lead to a crisp continental bite on the finish. 2.1% ABV, 74 calories, vegan, lactose and gluten free.

LUXlife Review
"The Small Beer's Lager is refreshing, sparkling light beer. At 2.1% ABV this is the perfect beverage for those who want to enjoy the wheaty, hoppy taste without the headache. There's a distinct, fruity aroma and a smooth texture to this rehydrating beer".
Hannah Stevenson
Awards Editorial Manager

Dark Lager

All coffee, toast and dark chocolate, the Dark Lager noses likes a stout or porter but drinks like a lager with a wisp of smokiness on the finish. A deliciously intriguing and refreshing beer style. It’s even packed full of micro nutrients, iron, B vitamins and selenium – and with a very low ABV, there’s nothing like it in the world. 1.0% ABV, 49 calories, vegan, lactose free.

LUXlife Review
"Surprising very pleasant taste"


Defined by the use of rye and fermented at a warmer temperature, Steam delivers the richness of an ale yet the crispness of a lager. Raisin, dried fruits and spice aromas from the rye are met with a hoppy citrus and grapefruit character. Perfect for those who love their IPA/Pale Ale styles! 2.7% ABV, 88 calories, vegan, lactose free.

LUXlife Review
"An acquired taste of beer"
Daniel Flowers

Think Big, Drink Small!

The Original Small Beer Lager, 350ml

The Original Small Beer Steam, 350ml

The Original Small Beer Dark Lager, 350ml

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