Sapphire and diamond drop earrings on a yellow gold setting designed by Arseniy Budrevich

Arseniy Budrevich has been designing and creating fine jewellery for Budrevich Fine Jewellery Studio for almost 15 years. A true genius in the field, Budrevich comes from a family of jewellers, with expertise that comes from generations of know-how. We were lucky enough to hear from Budrevich directly about his process, what is next for the company, and what jewellery trends to expect in 2022.


The Midnight Earrings

The Midnight earrings each have a showstopping sapphire, surrounded by brilliant-cut white diamonds. The deep velvety blue sapphires are an exceptional example of the quality and aesthetic of these earrings; they are extremely rich in colour and draw the eye directly to them. The surrounding diamonds were chosen due to their size and proportion to the centre stone as they balance the sapphire giving the piece a sense of cohesion. This makes the Midnight earrings stand out, not just as a vehicle to showcase the amazing sapphires but as a complete and well-balanced design using the sapphire as an integral element.


Creating Art

Due to our highly meticulous process, from the very first idea of these earrings to the final product there was a period of about two months. It started with some rough sketches that turned into metal prototypes, this is because to really see how a design will look you have to be able to hold it in your hands. As the parts started coming together there were several remakes to ensure the proportions fit exactly and to cut extra material away leaving more room for the play of light and dark. Most notably we had to exchange the top brilliant cut for a smaller one to make it fit better in relation to the whole design. After this we adjusted the locking mechanism giving it more beautiful aesthetic curves. All in all, it was an extremely involved process that required a lot of patience. 


Royal Inspiration

A year back we were asked to contribute to a piece in a national newspaper regarding Kate Middleton’s sapphire coronette earrings. We were in awe of the unrivalled combination of sapphire and diamond which lead to us putting our own spin on this iconic design. Georgian cutdown settings and the use of white and yellow gold has given us an update to the classic look.


Sapphire Jewellery

Sapphires and other coloured stones are increasing in popularity each and every year and 2022 is looking to continue this trend. For years, most people only went for coloured stones in earrings, necklaces or cocktail rings, which are all still extremely popular. However, the difference nowadays is that people are also choosing to have sapphires in their engagement and wedding rings. They are most popular in trilogies as a centre stone or halo rings, either flanked or surrounded by diamonds. For bespoke pieces many different coloured stones are gaining popularity, including garnets, rubies and tourmalines, which I would put down to people wanting to experiment with a splash of colour, giving a real uniqueness to the design.


What’s Next?

We have several projects that we are working hard to make a reality. One project that will be revealed soon uses an incredible red garnet that was very difficult to source, and we are looking for the best way to do it justice in a ring.


Trends for 2022

This year the major trend to look out for is coloured stones. As before, we have seen a massive rise in public interest regarding these amazing gems and we look forward to the opportunity to work with them even more.