Home office in a chic decorating style

You have chosen a garden office and it is a wise choice. Now it’s up to you to furnish and decorate it with taste. There are many different styles and ways to decorate your office. However, before making your final choice, you should ask yourself the right questions, because while some people love colourful environments in living rooms, they may prefer a clean office as a working environment. Is it a real place of inspiration? Is it just a place to process paperwork? Is it a place where you want to find peace and quiet? Find out what you really want with these examples that span retro, design, vitamin, graphic, industrial, arty, trendy, and many more. Follow the guide to find decorating ideas and if you don’t have your own garden desk yet, visit Quick Garden to find the workspace of your dreams.



The retro office can be furnished with vintage furniture found at flea markets and garage sales. For larger budgets, many pieces of designer furniture are reissued. As for accessories, don’t hesitate to treat yourself by creating a harmonious setting with a vintage telephone, for example, or an old typewriter. Be careful not to overload your workspace.



The arty office is often defined by colours, diverted storage and busy wall decoration, in the form of a mood board or a scene made up of posters, magazine cut-outs and other varied illustrations.



A trendy office is designed according to the codes of current design trends, such as the geometric trend. For example, opt for white oak furniture, hexagonal wall boxes and graphic wallpaper.



If you need to concentrate as much as possible, you need a neat, clean and uncluttered office. For an even more streamlined atmosphere, choose handle-less cupboards that provide an uncluttered working environment. Similarly, instead of a table lamp, a built-in light source is ideal for keeping the space uncluttered.



If you like colourful atmospheres, you can paint the wall on which your desk is located, as a vibrant orange will give you a boost for hours! In order to work in good conditions, play with the colours in touches: a section of wall, a chair or just the work surface for example.



For women who love a very coquettish atmosphere, the office decorated in a boudoir spirit is a solution. However, as it is a working space, a sober look in terms of colours is preferable as there are already many ornaments in a boudoir: arabesque wallpaper, chandelier, armchair, mirror and knick-knacks.



For country style fans, you can find a baroque desk, patinate it in a neutral, soft colour and combine it with a romantic garden chair. Accessorise with a few ornaments and candelabras as well as plaid and a cushion to warm up the atmosphere.



To decorate an office in a factory spirit, one rule is essential: combine both metal furniture, such as a stool for example, and others made of wood. When it comes to storage, go for an old piece of trade furniture. You can also integrate concrete elements for the raw side.