Luxury Cruise

Going on a cruise isn’t everyone’s idea of the perfect holiday, but you might be surprised by how many people could enjoy the experience. With the right ambiance and activities, it’s quite possible that anyone could have a good time aboard a cruise ship. Here are some ideas for what type of cruise might suit you based on your personality type.



For those who seek thrills and adventure, cruises can sound like a week of boredom trapped in a glorified amusement park. But all cruise ships are not created equal, and there are tons of options for cruises that will give you the adventure of a lifetime. For those who love to travel, cruises from Amsterdam or Italy will allow you to see some of the greatest sights in the area. You’ll be able to explore the biggest cities during days when the ship docks and look out at the lights from on deck at night.

For those who want to experience thrills, an expedition cruise ship could be the right fit. o on a trip to Antarctica and see animals like penguins and polar bears, and catch sight of whales from on deck. You’ll also be accompanied by scientists who will be able to give you as much information as you want about the location and its inhabitants. While some prefer a cruise for the opportunity to rest and relax, you could end up having one of the most exciting experiences of your entire life. 



On the opposite end of the spectrum, you have introverts and homebodies, whose ideal vacation might involve staying indoors with a good TV show. But those who prefer their own company don’t have to be excluded from experiencing a cruise. While on the more expensive end of the cruise scale, a higher-end line that offers a more individualized experience could be the ideal vacation for an introvert. Book spa days, order room service, and enjoy life on the water without having to spend more than a few hours a day around other people. 



Penny pinchers and thrifty individuals deserve vacations, too. You might be getting ready to camp out of your car for your summer vacation this year, but it might be worth considering a cruise. There are tons of options for cruise lines that offer incredible deals if you’re traveling during the off-season. Get a group of friends together and see if you can find a Groupon. Plus, budgeting and being smart about what you spend onboard can easily remove the additional costs that make a cruise so expensive. The key to cruising on a budget is to plan ahead – way ahead. By booking your cruise several seasons earlier, you won’t be roped into spending extra just to make sure you can get your place on board. 



Whether you’re booking a cruise for your honeymoon or just want to make it an extra special vacation for you and your loved one, there are many options for cruises that will give you that romantic experience. A key component is to make sure that your line is aware that this is a special anniversary or honeymoon trip. They might be able to get you some complimentary champagne, decorate your cabin for you, and all kinds of other perks that can make the experience special. Booking a cruise that stops in romantic destinations like Italy can also be a way to work some romance into the experience.



If your #1 goal for summer vacation is just to have as much fun as possible, the world is your oyster when it comes to cruises. Those who love an activity-packed day and tons of hustle and bustle will enjoy a Carnival cruise where they can have fun in the water park for hours before relaxing in the pool with a drink. The important thing to keep in mind is that no matter what you want out of your summer vacation, there’s a cruise that can help you out with it.