Photos by Alessandro Lucioni / Gorunway.com

London-based fashion powerhouse Burberry is a favourite brand for many style-conscious men and women, with their styles that range from understated British chic to modernist, striking style. Their offerings for men in their fall and winter 2020 collection are no exception, and alongside classic looks like the Kensington trench coat and their beautiful range of silk ties, there are also some really bold and unique casual and streetwear pieces that demand attention.

Here, we’re going to be taking a look at the quirkier side of Burberry and highlighting some of their boldest looks for men for the coming season.

Janson Zebra Shorts

Janson Zebra Shorts

These knee-length wool shorts with an unmissable zebra print design are nothing if not a statement piece! If you’re looking for something that will stand out when it comes to streetwear, these shorts definitely fit the bill, but where they are so bold on their own, it makes sense to pair them with very understated things, such as a minimalist black hoodie and some subtle sneakers. The long length and the thick, high-quality texture make these shorts a good option for fall, and they can give your wardrobe a stylish boost as long as you don’t let the strong print compete with other parts of your outfit for attention.

Grey Chantilly Lace Shorts

Chantilly lace may not be a texture you usually associate with menswear, particularly from a very masculine fashion brand like Burberry, however, this is perhaps just what makes these long grey shorts such a strong look. The shorts sit just below the knee and then the lace overlay adds a sheer layer that gives a little extra length. The design is otherwise sporty and classic, with the ribbed waistband and two pockets, making these shorts surprisingly easy to wear. The light pebble grey colour means these shorts look good with white tops, and where the look is a lot more subtle than the zebra shorts, these can pair well with some prints in pale colours. If you’re looking for something unusual but still fairly easy to style, then these shorts can be a great urban wear choice.

Blue Fleece Bomber Jacket With Landscape Scene

If you are looking for a casual jacket that demands attention, then while Burberry has plenty of printed options, including those featuring all-over Burberry check, this blue fleece jacket with its landscape image design is easily the most unique outerwear in the latest menswear collection. In vibrant blue and green, it has a fresh look that will go well over grey or monochrome streetwear, and it offers the comfort and quality you’d expect from the brand. You can find this jacket, along with all of the other great new Burberry items listed in this article in this Burberry for men collection.

Flavio Velvet Loafers

While most of the more unusual pieces from Burberry that we’re looking at here are from their street wear collection, these beautiful men’s loafers with velvet textured pattern detail and tassel are suitable to wear for even the most formal occasions, as well as for adding some extra elegance for a normal night out. They definitely draw the eye and can add some sophistication to a classic black outfit while still keeping a youthful, fashionable feel. 

Artur Sneakers

Artur Sneakers

These chunky sneakers with their robust sole design that extends midway up the shoe offer a great way to get a bold look while still having a plain black shoe that can pair well with almost anything. The unique shape and structure of these sneakers make them stand out, but the single color design means that they can still be incorporated into outfits with some of the other bolder items listed here, including the zebra shorts and the blue fleece jacket. Very chunky sneakers like this have been a big part of athleisure fashion for a while now, and so while you’ll get plenty of chances to wear these in the coming season due to their versatility, you should find that they remain in style well into next year and beyond, too, making them a good purchase.

While you can certainly go to Burberry for gentlemanly overcoats, suits, shorts, and accessories, they are also a fantastic brand to check out for more urban looks, especially if you are looking for something unusual that will really take some of your streetwear looks in a fashionable new direction for the coming fall and winter seasons. You should definitely check out the newest casualwear from Burberry for men, and you may be surprised by what you find!

Images by Burberry.