• MadeGood® launches allergy friendly, organic, vegan, granola bar
  • ‘Safe for Schools’ and free from common allergies, including nuts, peanuts, egg, soy, dairy & gluten
  • Perfect for playground snacks, school lunchboxes and summer camps

Parents across the UK can breathe a sigh of relief as MadeGood® launches healthy granola bars in Asda. MadeGood is the FIRST EVER, totally allergen free granola snack bar that is safe for kids to eat in schools! They taste great and provide essential vitamins for children, making each bar a perfect lunchbox treat or snack for everyone. 

The launch couldn’t come at a better time, with two million food allergy sufferers identified in the UK and almost 1 in 12 of them being young children. Despite best efforts by schools, there is always an underlying concern from parents that their kids may eat something that could cause them harm, either in their own lunchbox or when sharing food with friends. 

But MadeGood now offers a great solution – not just to those who suffer from an allergy or sensitivity, but to all school children whose parents are looking for a healthy, tasty and nutritious snack bar for their lunchboxes. 

Launching with three flavours, the range will includes’: 


Available from ASDA stores across the UK now, each box contains 6 x 24g bars.

MadeGood bars are free from most common allergens including gluten, nuts, peanuts, egg, dairy and soy and boast a good source of vitamins from six different vegetables. 

The bars are delicious for all the family, but in particular kids. The yummy and comforting flavours bring in family favourites such as chocolate chip, banana and mixed berry so each mouthful is a real treat as well as a truly healthy snack. The granola bars are also organic and vegan. 

Every bar is packed full of organic all-natural ingredients – from dried fruits and wholegrains. Each ingredient is selected to ensure health and taste is never compromised to help kids eat and live a healthier lifestyle.  

Pure sunflower oil is used so that the bars are low in saturated fat and have no trans-fat. The organic, vegan granola bars are a great source of fibre, vitamins and minerals, which can help contribute to a healthy digestive and immune system. 

The MadeGood granola bars are made in a facility free from the most common allergens bringing trust and assurance that each MadeGood® bar is allergy friendly and safe for schools, clubs and playgrounds everywhere.

LUXlife Review
Earlier this week I had the chance to try three delicious flavours of Made Good bars. Though they were all delectable in their own way, my personal favourite had to be the “Chocolate Chip Granola” bars. A treat, though not one that is going to break the diet (a welcome bonus!) More than anything, these bars would be perfect for parents wanting their children to have a healthy snack when they return to school in September – they are the ideal size for a lunchbox snack.