Doing up your home can be a pricey project, with certain ideas costing more extravagant prices than others It’s easy to let the pound signs put you off, but it turns out that many items could be worth spending a little extra on. There are some key items worth having in your home which may set you back a little fund-wise, but they will save you money in the long run. 

Plus, some of them become permanent features to your home, which add value to your house in an instant. Here are six features and items which are worth splurging out on.

Heated towel rails

If you’re bathroom needs updating, you’re going to find it won’t modernise to its full potential unless you include heated towel rails. With all the attractive wall feature styles out there, an ordinary radiator will simply stand out as old fashioned.  Years ago, there was only one choice for a radiator in the bathroom, which was a standard size design similar to those you have in all the other rooms. Then, heated towel rails came along, starting off fairly small, before becoming large features which now replace standard radiators. 

Of course, these are more expensive, and it’s best to invest in stainless steel or aluminium heated towel rails. These have much more longevity and less chance of corrosion, along with looking stunning and sleek in any bathroom.

Bi-folding doors

The more windows you have, the larger your home will look, as they let in natural light and open up the room visually. If you have the wall space to invest in bi-folding doors, it’s worth the investment for many reasons. 

Firstly, external bi-fold doors are a fantastic feature to lead from your dining room or kitchen, straight out into the garden. The floor to ceiling windows which double up as doors open up an entire wall, allowing views of the garden and giving that spacious, open feelThey also give your home a premium, luxury feel in an instance. The range of materials (such as oak or aluminium) allow you to personalise the look and feel of your doors, but either way, these stylish doors give any home that modern update.

A washing machine and dryer

You can get cheap washing machines and dryers out there, but ideally, these appliances get used a lot and shouldn’t be scrimped on. You want a washing machine which will stand the test of time. Cheaper ones can last around five to six years, and then you have to spend the money on another one. Analyse the value of the clothes you will be putting into the washing machine and dryer weekly. When you look at it this way, you want the best technology that will care for your items and have longevity.

Quality lighting

If you carefully consider the lighting choices for all the rooms in your home, you can easily create a tone and atmosphere. Plus, if you get the lighting right, it can dramatically improve the look of the walls and colour palettes. If you can, aim to buy the best quality lighting that you can afford. Iconic floor lamps can add interest and design features to a room, but the ceiling and wall lighting is the most key. 

Spotlights, LED’s, dimming wall fixtures and chandeliers are all high-quality light fixtures that can give a premium feel to your home. Assess each room in your home and think about the theme you want to portray. Then, carefully source the right lighting.

Your front door

Everyone knows about the importance of curb appeal. Whether you’re planning on moving soon or aim to stay in your home for another ten years, the exterior of your home is crucial for how your home is viewed. 

Front doors can start to look tired over the weeks, and as easy as it is to give it a lick of paint, sometimes it’s just more worth it to completely replace it. Replacing it with a wow factor door is money well spent, as not only you as the homeowner will enjoy its appearance, but everyone who looks at your home will too.

A modern kitchen

The kitchen is one of the most-used rooms in a home, and one guests will gather in (alongside the living room). The look and feel of your kitchen has a huge impact on the overall value of your home. 

Outdated kitchens which have old tiling, unattractive flooring and dated units can instantly give off a negative feel to the room. It will also psychologically make you not enjoy using the space for cooking, eating or socialising. Kitchen remodels can easily become costly quite quickly, so do set yourself a budget and look at replacing things first before jumping in with both feet. 

Consider spending on outdated appliances and hardware first. If you have the budget to spend after this, look at replacing your sink, countertops and tiles or paint for the walls. A stylish kitchen will instantly spruce up your home. The bottom line here is to understand the optimal places to spend your hard earned cash. It’s worth splurging when the result creates real value, as well as letting you enjoy a slice of luxury.